From The Chew: Peeps Sunflower Topiary

Hot on the heels of our Jelly Bean cocktail, here’s another excuse to raid the kids’ Easter basket: A topiary made from adorable marshmallow chicks. These fluffy candies are practically indestructible, which makes them the perfect candidate for crafting. Because if there’s one thing better than eating them, it’s hot-gluing them. Your waistline will thank me.

Clinton Kelly Peeps Easter Topiary

You will need

  • marshmallow chicks
  • embroidery hoop
  • wooden dowel
  • ribbon
  • foam block
  • small bucket
  • hot glue gun


  • Cut your dowel down to 12 inches
  • Hot glue dowel to the open space on the hoop – Use a lot of glue!
  • Wrap dowel in colored ribbon, securing at both ends with glue
  • Remove chicks from box and separate into groups of two or three
  • Put a bead of hot glue on the embroidery hoop then place chick on the hoop with heads facing in.
  • Glue chicks to both sides
  • Press dowel into foam in bucket and cover with Easter grass.

Click here to watch me make it on The Chew.


Nine years ago, I made a vow to live my life based on three guiding principles: Love, Awe and Gratitude. Today, instead of feeling sad, angry or anxious about The Chew’s cancellation, I will look through the lens of Gratitude and thank: My cohosts, @chefsymon and @carlaphall, for being two of the greatest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. The crew and staff of The Chew for being so dedicated, hardworking and collaborative. Our viewers for allowing us into your homes each day to share a laugh and a recipe — and a cocktail. It’s been a fun run and I am so freakin’ lucky to have been a part of it. Much love, CK ❤️

This photo was taken the day my mom brought me back to the US from Panama, where I was born. She had jet-black hair and a tan, whereas I was basically translucent, with white hair and big blue eyes. Security guards stopped her in the airport because they thought she was smuggling someone else’s baby out of the country. So, I guess it’s time for everyone to come clean. I was indeed stolen. I am actually a Norwegian prince. Where’s my 👑, Terri?!?! Where. Is. My. #%^*ing. 👑?!? 🤪 Happy Mother’s Day!!! I love you. Sorry I’m so weird. ❤️

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