How to Turn Junky Flea Market Knobs Into a Chic Towel Rack

I love digging through bins of odds and ends at the flea market to see what I discover. A favorite find: Quirky old knobs. They’re just the right size to buy a bunch to use for… who knows what. Well here’s one idea: Paint them all the same color and mount them on a piece of wood to make a towel or coat rack. This cheerful one would work well in the entryway or bathroom.

DIY Flea Market Knob Towel Rack

Flea Market Knob Towel Rack

You will need

  • 5 mismatched hardware knobs or drawer pulls
  • piece of salvaged wood
  • drill
  • painter’s tape

  • craft paint

  • wall screws and mounting supports


  • Using a pencil, mark evenly spaced points on the front of the board for your hardware. Drill holes for hardware screws. On the back of the board, mark off holes 2” in from the right and left ends of board and drill holes for wall mounting screws.
  • Paint front of board the lighter shade of craft paint; let dry. Apply another coat if necessary.
  • Using regular or patterned painters tape, tape off chevron pattern on board.

  • Paint exposed parts of board with darker shade of paint; let dry. Apply another coat if necessary and let dry completely (overnight).
  • Paint hardware using darker shade of paint; let dry completely (overnight). Attach hardware to board.
  • Drill holes in wall and insert mounting supports. Screw finished board to wall.

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