Make These Easy Tassel Napkin Rings for a Boho Chic Table

I love the bohemian appeal of a tassel—they’re sumptuous and a little messy, the sort of thing some wealthy bon vivant would bring back from her travels around the globe. They also happen to be a cinch to make. So naturally I want them as part of my effortlessly chic table. We used jewel-toned embroidery thread in the same color family to make ours, but you can mix as many colors as you like (or keep them monochrome) to suit your décor. Go on, impress everyone with your worldliness!

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Tassel Napkin Rings

  • You will need
  • skeins of embroidery floss in various colors (about 3 per tassel)
  • scissors

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  • Choose three colors of embroidery floss per napkin ring, two for the tassel and one for the tie.
  • Cut a length of floss about 3 feet to use for tie.
  • Using one whole skein of floss (do not unwind!), cut through both looped ends of each skein of floss to get many short pieces of embroidery floss. Repeat with the second skein of floss.
  • Group cut lengths of floss together and fold in half; you’ll have one looped end and one loose end.
  • Using the 3ft piece of floss wrap the folded bunch of floss starting about 3⁄4” from the looped end, making sure to leave extra floss for tie.
  • Trim ends of tassel and tie around napkin trimming any excess floss.
Easy Tassel Napkin Rings for A Boho Chic Table

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