Make These Rag Rug Coasters for a Casual, Chic (& Stain-Free!) Table

Get that sweaty glass off my coffee table! Prevent water stains in style with coasters inspired by an all-American classic, the rag rug. This easy craft has a homespun look that’s perfect for getting color and texture onto a casual table.


Rag Rug Coasters

You will need

  • 1⁄4” all purpose clothesline
  • scissors
  • scrap fabrics
  • hot glue gun


  • Tightly wrap clothesline into spiral till desired width of coaster. Cut line and use length to measure out additional rope pieces for number of coasters desires.
  • Cut strips of various scrap fabrics no more than 1” thick. Set aside.
  • Secure first fabric strip to end of clothesline using hot glue. Tightly wrap fabric strip around rope and secure end with hot glue. Repeat with alternating fabric strips till clothesline length is completely wrapped in fabric.
  • Tightly wind fabric wrapped clothesline into spiral securing with hot glue along the way. Secure end with hot glue.

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