The No-Talent-Needed Art You Must Have on Your Wall

We’ve all got them. The only-ok painting you (or your kid) made in 8th grade, the hand-me downs from grandman that have the kissing puppies or the house nestled on a hill. Well, take them out of the attic and make this super chic Personalized Stencil Wall Art. It’s so easy, the results are stunning—the key is to seal the painting you’re using first—and it will only cost you about 10 bucks. I made mine with my own personal mantra, you’re welcome to it.

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DIY Stencil Art over old painting

“Wear Something Cute” Stencil Art

You will need

  • vintage painting & frame
  • primer (optional)
  • craft or spray paint in desired color
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • acrylic clear sealer
  • removable vinyl letters
  • craft paint
  • white spray paint
  • tweezers
  • craft knife (optional)

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  • Remove artwork from frame.
  • Paint frame with craft or spray paint in desired color, priming first if necessary.
  • Using a ruler and pencil, mark guide lines for letters on painting making sure to evenly space words.
  • Apply two or three coats of clear sealer on painting; Let dry.
  • Carefully adhere vinyl letters to painting with tweezers using pencil lines as guide.
  • Spray paint over entire painting with white paint in light, even layers, letting dry between coats, until completely covered; let dry completely.
  • Using tweezers, carefully remove vinyl letters. You may need to score around letters using a craft knife to ensure clean lines.
  • Replace picture in frame and hang.
DIY Stencil Art

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