This Year, Give Mom a Freakin' Fabulous Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed is a classic Mother’s Day gift, but a bowl of cereal slopping onto her sheets won’t make her feel fabulous. What will: A gilded tray and napkins with a sweet cross-stitch message. We revamped bargain-store finds to make them as beautiful as the woman who birthed you—just don’t tell her how easy it was to do, or you’ll be hearing about those 36 hours of labor all over again. Love you, Mom!

P.S. Not sure what to make? How about avocado toast or a hash brown frittata? And while you're at it, serve it up on plates from my Effortless Table collection!

Clinton Kelly Freakin Fabulous Breakfast in Bed

Gold Leaf Breakfast Tray

You will need

  • tray
  • glossy spray paint

  • painters tape

  • gold leaf sheets
(or gold spray paint)
  • gilding adhesive

  • paint brush

  • clear spray sealer


  • Spray paint tray using several light coats to cover, letting dry between each coat. Let dry completely (overnight).

  • Mark off tray design using painters tape.

  • Brush gilding adhesive on exposed areas of tray. Let dry.
If using spray paint instead: Spray exposed areas using several light coats; carefully remove tape while still wet.
  • Using gold leaf sheets cover all areas of tray brushed with adhesive. Let dry.
  • Brush and buff gold leafed areas with a dry paint brush, removing any excess gold leaf.
  • Remove painter's tape carefully.

  • Spray with clear sealer to make water resistant.
Clinton Kelly Gilded Tray and Cross Stitch Napkins

“I Heart Mom” Napkins

You will need

  • plain napkins

  • embroidery floss
  • sewing needle

  • pencil
  • template


  • Using template as guide, mark off “x’s” on one corner of napkin
  • Begin sewing using basic cross-stitch method

  • Trim excess thread as needed

#fbf to 1994 (ish) with my buds, @richardwiese and @wendirogerstv Bought that sport coat on sale for about 20 bucks because that’s all I had in the bank. Was 10% wool and 90% “other.” Got caught in the rain with it and smelled like wet dog ass all night.

Nine years ago, I made a vow to live my life based on three guiding principles: Love, Awe and Gratitude. Today, instead of feeling sad, angry or anxious about The Chew’s cancellation, I will look through the lens of Gratitude and thank: My cohosts, @chefsymon and @carlaphall, for being two of the greatest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. The crew and staff of The Chew for being so dedicated, hardworking and collaborative. Our viewers for allowing us into your homes each day to share a laugh and a recipe — and a cocktail. It’s been a fun run and I am so freakin’ lucky to have been a part of it. Much love, CK ❤️

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