Thoughtful DIY Hostess Gifts

I don’t expect guests to arrive at my home with hosting gifts. (“Hosting” because I am a man and not a hostess, per se.) Instead of adding to your hostess's mostly-unused candle closet, bring something that shows your subtle gratitude for the invitation and that will also make her life a little easier the day after the soiree. Here are 5 DIY “thank-yous” that will give her a simple pleasure to look forward to in the morning.

  • DIY Hostess Gifts Clinton Kelly
  • DIY Hostess Gifts Clinton Kelly
  • DIY Hostess Gifts Clinton Kelly
  • DIY Hostess Gifts Clinton Kelly
  • DIY Hostess Gifts Clinton Kelly


Fill a small basket with fresh scones from the farmers market or local bakery to be enjoyed for breakfast the day after.


Fancy, organic honey is a luxury many people would not splurge on. Add an old-fashioned honey dipper and a note that suggests the honey be used in tea or on toast and oatmeal.


Morning drinks don’t have to be dry. Fill a pretty mug with all of the ingredients needed to make a hot toddy: Whiskey, rum or bourbon, lemon, star anise, cinnamon sticks, tea bags (chamomile or rooibos red), honey, and a recipe.


A bowl of bright, sweet clementines, or any citrus fruit, brings cheer to a winter day. When she opens the fruit tomorrow they will release a refreshing citrus scent that fills the room.


Fill a mason jar with a homemade granola mixture. Think: an edible strata of granola, almonds, chocolate chips, golden raisins, dried cranberries and shredded coconut that will top her morning yogurt perfectly.

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