Upcycled Style! Transform Old Tins into Chic Containers

Let’s face it: You have a utensil problem. Your drawers are chock-full, the whisks are getting frisky with the wine opener, and you’re pretty sure the tongs tried to bite you the last time you reached for the tablespoon. So make some room by displaying your utensils neatly along your counter. We decoupaged old food tins (something you probably have laying around in your recycling bin) with scrapbook paper to create a trio of countertop utensil holders with tongue-in-cheek designs. Cute and organized, check!


Decoupage Utensil Containers

You will need

  • various cans (juice, coffee, olive oil, etc.)
  • painters tape
  • scrapbook papers
  • craft paint
  • high gloss Mod Podge or other decoupage adhesive


  • Remove labels from cans and paint with craft paint till evenly covered.
  • Using painters tape tape off section of can to be painted with contrasting color. Paint with craft paint then carefully remove painters tape.
  • Draw or print out utensil templates (you can find the images online), then trace them onto backs of scrapbook papers. Cut out shapes.
  • Adhere cut out utensil shapes to painted cans using decoupage adhesive. Let dry.
  • Cover entire can with a coat of decoupage adhesive for a finished high gloss look. Let dry.
Upcycled Utensil Holders

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