Ladies, when it comes to bodies I can count on one hand the women I've met who are happy with their tummies. If you are like almost every woman I have ever made-over, and we are talking hundreds and hundreds, you probably feel that your stomach could use some work. But instead of beating yourself up in the mirror day after day, I say embrace your size and shape and let your clothes work for you rather than against you. So, as we head into the holidays (oy!) here are my top 5 tricks to tone down your tummy and add some glam to your holiday look.

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Hello. Dr. Kelly here. It’s time for an intervention. All those old, sad, ill-fitting clothes jammed into your closet? They’re ruining your relationship with your best outfits, wasting your time in the morning, playing tricks with your self-esteem and just generally making you lame.So here’s my five-step plan to transform you into the sort of ruthless bitch who’s 100% in control of her closet—and her life.


I have traveled all over the country, making over thousands of women. And more times than I can count, I have been asked, “What can I do to look thinner?” So, I’ll give you some of my easiest tips right now, but please keep in mind, I’m approaching this from a purely objective standpoint. Nobody should ever tell you that you need to lose 10 pounds, not even your mother. (You should, however, check out my ideas on how to dress for your body type, which can make you feel better about your shape.)

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Get Smooth Winter Skin Clinton Kelly

"You're moisturizing all wrong!" dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe told me. When the weather gets cold you need to change your skincare routine just like you change your wardrobe. Say what? The dry winter air combined with the hot, dry heat pumped into our homes and offices causes the moisture in our skin to quickly evaporate leaving our bodies dry, itchy, dull and wrinkled. Here are her quick tips for cold-weather skincare that will keep you smooth until springtime:


Alright ladies, it’s October. Maybe in September you could get away with stretching your summer wardrobe while it was still warm out, but now it’s really, officially fall. So here are seven things I suggest you pack up ASAP, because I don’t want to see them again until May. Okay?

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Clinton Kelly At Home Hair Repair

Picture it: You’re at the salon, about to spend gobs of money on a cut and color and then you’re offered a “treatment” because, let’s face it, your hair has been looking a bit limp, lackluster and dry. But an extra $50 for someone to massage a serum into your scalp? No thank you! Try one of these natural at-home remedies from Annie Strole, New York-based makeup artist and author of Homemade Beauty: 150 Simple Beauty Recipes Made From All-Natural Ingredients and save your cash for a celebratory cocktail.

Clinton Kelly Make Over Your Butt

I spend a lot of time talking to women about their butts - butts and boobs, butts and boobs, “How do I make my butt and boobs look bomb?” I’ve already given you my top tips on how to tame the ta-tas, now I’m sharing my secrets for taming the tush. And ladies, remember: I think you’re beautiful no matter the size of your butt or boobs.


In our Dress Your Shape series, we showcase chic women who live by my number one style rule—without fit, you don't have style—and give you the shape-specific tips to get it right, every time. This week we’re featuring Jennifer Henry-Novich, the founder/blogger of Just Add Glam, with tips on how to rock an hourglass figure. While hourglass has been the idealized shape for like, ever, (think: Marilyn Monroe then and Beyonce now) it’s still a struggle for some women to get right. One too-tight item, and your look will scream sex instead of sophisticated. To look your best, follow these 5 tips for dressing an hourglass shape. P.S. Click on each photo to learn more about the outfit!


Style Tips for Plus Size Women

In our Dress Your Shape series, we showcase chic women who live by my number one style rule—without fit you don't have style—and give you the shape-specific tips to get it right, every time. This week we’re highlighting Marie Denee, the mind behind TheCurvyFashionista.com, a website dedicated to finding great shopping options for plus-size women. “I’d call myself a fuller hourglass—I’ve got curves but a bit of a belly,” she says. These are the style tricks that work for plus size blogger Marie Denee’s fuller figure (and click on the images to go to her blog for more information).

Clinton Kelly How to Tie a Scarf

In the more than a decade I’ve been dressing women, one of the most frequently asked questions is, “How do I wear a scarf?” There’s a video out there that’ll give you 25 ways to tie one of these babies, but since no one has space in their head for 25 of anything, least of all anything scarf-related, here are your three best bets—that’s all you need to rock a scarf all year long.


In our Dress Your Shape series, we showcase chic women who live by my number one style rule—without fit you don't have style—and give you the shape-specific tips to get it right, every time. This week we’re highlighting Alicia Jay, the blogger behind TallSwag.com, which chronicles her journey to stay chic at a stunning 6’6”. “I’ve been skinny and I’ve been heavier, but I’ve always been the tallest girl in the room,” say Alicia Jay. These are the style tricks that work for Alicia.


When people ask me how to get a great hourglass figure, I always tell them that you must create symmetry with your top and bottom. More specifically, your bust and shoulders must balance your hips and booty. It’s the yin and the yang of the hourglass. Follow my guide below to get a strong, proportionate shoulder—then watch the heads turn.


Spring is a time for rejuvenation. Now that we have cleaned out our closets and added some fun new pieces to our wardrobes it’s time to update our nails to match. We checked in again with manicure expert extraordinaire Deborah Lippmann, founder and creative director of her namesake line of nail polish, to get the scoop on the top trends for nails this season.


Women ask me all the time, “How can I wear trendier clothing without looking like I'm trying too hard?!” I tell them it’s pretty easy: pair trendier pieces with classics like straight-leg pants, dark wash or white jeans, a classic blazer or cardigan, white button-front shirts, and you can stay current while still feeling like yourself. My Kelly by Clinton Kelly Spring Collection incorporates some of this spring’s hottest runway trends in wearable silhouettes that anyone can pull off. No matter your age or body type. Read on for advice on how to rock three of my favorite trends.

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When I design my Kelly by Clinton Kelly line, I do it for real women—not models—who want to look their best, whether they're a size 2 or 24. I always include a jacket - this one combines lace and gingham for a knockout effect - because a great jacket is one of the most powerful pieces of clothing any woman can own. Jackets hide lumps and bumps, balance proportions and trick people into thinking your body is flawless, even if it's not. Read on to find out why a jacket can work wonders on virtually any body type. Kelly by Clinton Kelly Lace Jacket with Gingham Lining, $68.50; QVC.


Bittersweet day. Thank you to these two beautiful souls for sharing their laughter and expertise with me for seven years. And thank YOU for welcoming us into your homes. Have a fabulous life, everybody!!!

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