1 Blazer, 3 Outfits: How to Amp Up Your Style With This Figure-Fixing Jacket

The blazer is one of my favorite figure-fixers. It defines your shoulders, nips you in at the waist, and creates a flattering V at the bust that elongates your figure. So naturally I included one in my new Kelly by Clinton Kelly clothing collection for QVC. I styled three women with different body shapes in the gorgeous raspberry color to show you just how versatile—and flattering!—a blazer really is.

Clinton Kelly Blazer Weekend Chic

Weekend Chic

Step up your casual game by subbing a blazer in for that crewneck sweater or (heaven forbid) sweatshirt. I paired it with a chambray shirt and white jeans, but you could do the opposite (blue jeans and a white oxford) and it would be just as chic. Casual flats or slip-on sneakers both work, too. Shown here: ¾ Sleeve Jacquard Blazer in Raspberry, $63, qvc.com.

Clinton Kelly Blazer Work It

Work It

Unless you’re an investment banker or a stewardess, you probably don’t have to wear a suit as a uniform. Pair a colorful blazer with any solid-color pant and a printed shirt, like this whimsical butterfly print one that I adore from my collection. Throw on a heel or a wedge, grab a cute bag and you're done! Shown here: ¾ Sleeve Jacquard Blazer in Raspberry, $63; Double Stretch Pull-On Ankle Pants in Black, $49; and Roll Tab Long Sleeve Blouse in Butterfly Print, $60, qvc.com.

Clinton Kelly Blazer Out & About

Out & About

You’ve spent an hour trying on outfits for a night on the town—and then you top it with your same-old jacket or cardigan? Step up the style of your little black dress with my bright blazer, a statement necklace and cute clutch. Now, you're chic from head to toe, inside and out. Shown here: ¾ Sleeve Jacquard Blazer in Raspberry, $63; for similar dress: Sleeveless Dress with Ruffle Detail in Black, $60, qvc.com.

Clinton Kelly 1 Blazer 3 Ways

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