3 Accessories Trends to Try

So you’ve probably got your basics from the Classic Cannon and your new key pieces for fall. Next step: Accessorizing. Just one or two new pieces of jewelry—and they don’t have to be expensive—can make the difference between that LBD feeling fresh or like the same old thing you’ve worn year in and year out. Here are three trends I’m loving for fall:

  • ShopBop
  • C Wonder
  • Gorjana Griffin
  • Amrita Singh

Mixed Metallics

After years of yellow gold dominating the metal market, rose gold and silver are making a comeback. The way to wear them now, though, is to mix them all together—either in a single piece of jewelry, layered (as in necklaces) or stacked (as in bracelets and rings).

  • Alexis Bittar425.jpg
  • Swatch
  • Helene Jewels425.jpg
  • Charm&Chain

Sports-Inspired Silhouettes

Hot on the heels of the “athleisurewear” trend (I will never forgive Lululemon for the yoga-pants-in-public phenomenon) it’s only natural that performance-inspired accessories are all the rage. So look for bright colors, tech-y materials like silicone and plastic, and more angular shapes.

  • CatbirdNYC
  • Etsy
  • Macys
  • Urban Outfitters

Mismatched Earrings

Take back your pearls, girls! On the red carpet, a single big-impact ear cuff or chandelier earring is a thing—for every day, though, try pairing studs in complementary designs for a subtle shift on the usual symmetrical style.

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