3 Easy Upgrades for Effortless, Excellent Style

All of us have a few go-to outfits—the ones you just throw on when you head out the door—but if you’ve been wearing the same “go-to” for years, you might be in a fashion rut. How do you know if you’re in a rut? If you’re wearing something that bland, dated or past its prime (yes, we can all see that moth hole!), then you’re stuck. Fortunately, my new Kelly by Clinton Kelly collection includes dozens of pieces that are modern, stylish and supremely wearable, the perfect upgrades to pieces you already love (or have loved to death). So here are three easy swaps—plus bonus tips to make fall fabulous.

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Wearing a Sweatshirt to Run Errands

  • Okay, I’m not saying you need to wear stilettos to the school dropoff, but nothing says “I give up” like wearing your husband’s college sweatshirt and sneakers while you run errands. Sweatshirts have their place (watching Love at First Swipe on the couch; working out), but none of them are in public.
  • Swap it for… A comfy cotton-blend cardigan that gives the same amount of coverage with a little more style. My Cardigan with Faux Suede Shawl Collar ($56.50; qvc.com) is long and lean, easy to throw on over a pair of dark skinny jeans or my perfect Pull-On Ponte Pants ($52.50; ).
  • Bonus points for… Trading the sneakers for a pair of loafers or skimmers. Either gives you style points without sacrificing utility!

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Wearing a Lame LBD to Dinner, Work or an Event

  • The classic little black dress is the foundation of many a closet—but if it’s not flattering, is out of date, or is faded from too many washings, it’s time to let it go, let it goooooo. Black is basic, but can look drab or worse, make you look older.
  • Swap it for… A boldly-patterned dress in a cut that flatters your body shape. My Faux Wrap Dress with Self Belt in Etched Plaid ($67.50; qvc.com) makes a statement solo or with knock-out accessories.
  • Bonus points for… Pairing it with a killer pair of heels—or a bag or jacket in a bold color like my Zip-Off Jacket in Chili ($94; qvc.com)!


Wearing that Old Denim Jacket EVERYWHERE

  • Yes, jean jackets are a great layering piece. But if it’s your only lightweight outerwear, you’re missing out on a world of style—not to mention wearing a Texas tuxedo more often than you probably should.
  • Swap it for… A cropped moto-style jacket in a natural hue. My Perforated Faux Suede Jacket in Chanterelle ($79.95; qvc.com) works with anything from denim to black pants.
  • Bonus points for… Layering a scarf in an of-the-moment print, like retro geometric ditzy print or a moody floral.

Get Out of Your Fashion Rut!

#fbf to 1994 (ish) with my buds, @richardwiese and @wendirogerstv Bought that sport coat on sale for about 20 bucks because that’s all I had in the bank. Was 10% wool and 90% “other.” Got caught in the rain with it and smelled like wet dog ass all night.

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