3 Fashion “Risks” Worth Taking

Open your closet: What do you see? If the answer is a sea of black and grey, then it’s time for you to start taking some fashion risks! Color, pattern, texture and shine are the key ingredients to an interesting outfit. And I get it: Color, pattern and shine can be scary for the risk-averse (everything has texture, so most women are fine with that). Fortunately, my new Kelly by Clinton Kelly collection includes chic pieces that make it easy to plunge. Here’s how:

  • You can wear red!
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Are you afraid of… Color?

  • Yes, neutrals are “safe”—but color’s what makes the biggest first impression. Plus, wearing a color you love instantly makes you feel happier. There, I saved you a psychiatrist appointment.
  • Ease in with… A single piece, like a shoe, bag or my Zip-Off Ponte Jacket in Chili (Click the arrow to see the cropped style! $94; qvc.com) that seamlessly mixes in with the neutrals already in your closet.
  • Stay away from… Neons (too young) and anything to close to your skin tone—those colors can make you look washed-out.

Are you afraid of… Pattern?

  • If you’re a true pattern novice, I have a whole guide to wear it, but here’s why you should: Highlighting your assets with pattern not only ads visual interest, but it can draw attention away from the parts you don’t like as much.
  • Ease in with… A print that operates in a narrow color range for a toned-down effect,, like the burgundy, plum and mauve in my Hidden Placket Blouse in Abstract Stripe ($58.75; qvc.com) for a toned-down effect.
  • Stay away from… Patterns that aren’t scaled to your frame—a large-scale pattern can overwhelm a petite, and a teeny-tiny one looks ditsy on a plus.


Are you afraid of… Shine?

  • Yes, gold lamé is scary. But if you’re comfortable wearing jewelry—the way most women add shine without even thinking about it—you should be comfortable getting some shimmer from your clothing.
  • Ease in with… A fabric that subtly adds shine, either through a shimmery thread or by layering sequins over more nuanced fabric, like this Printed Sequin Tee in Teal ($58.75; qvc.com). The effect is a wearable, subtle shimmer instead of an in-your-face glow.
  • Stay away from… Anything mini, “-less” (backless, strapless, bottomless) or that you could wear down a yellow brick road.
  • MORE: 3 Ways to Wear Sequins for Day

3 Fashion Risks worth Taking

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