3 Rules for Wearing White on White

Wearing white separates is white-hot! And because white reflects sunlight, wearing white-on-white gives you the advantage of being a little more covered up while still staying cool—perfect if you’re commuting to an air-conditioned office, or at an event that lasts into the evening. But besides the obvious challenges (ketchup, mustard, kids), wearing white-on-white can be tough to get right without looking like you’re dressed as a sexy house painter. Here are three rules to keep you looking cool in this trend:


1. Mind the Shade

If you’ve ever attempted to match paint, you know this well: There are about a thousand shades of white. To look good together, your white separates should be within a few shades of each other. If you mix, say, a creamy ivory top with a bright snow-white jean, the white with more yellow or grey in it will just look dirty. Elite Life White Blouse, $32; lulus.com


2. Mix Your Fabrics

Unless you’re wearing a white business suit, you want your separates to go together, but not match exactly. Pair pieces in fabrics that have the same vibe or level of formality and play with texture. For a boho look, try a filmy chiffon with soft cotton, for work-appropriate sharpness, try a semi-sheer silk top with a slick poly-blend pant. And your white denim can be dressed up or down with just about any top (see Rule #1). Junarose Embroidered Skirt, $69; asos.com


3. Keep the Accessories Subtle

If you’re wearing a LWD, feel free to pair it with brightly colored accessories, but if you’re playing with a mixture of whites, those bold colors are going to overwhelm the subtlety of the outfit. Instead, look for accessories in neutral colors like beige, tan, reptile or metallics like gold and silver. Wide Waistband Flare Editor Pants, $80; express.com

How to wear white on white

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