3 Shoe Trends to Try

I always say, the shoe sets the tone for an outfit, and a great shoe can elevate any look by a solid 2 points on a scale of 1 to 10. So if investing in a new pair or two will make every outfit you wear this fall that much better, isn’t it worth considering? Here are three new styles I’m seeing that you might try.

  • Black biker boot
  • Gold buckle boot
  • Two tone boot

Biker Boots

Hey, tough girl! These chunky, usually black flats with sturdy soles and buckle accents are great for slogging around on the weekend. Pair them with colored tights (I like maroon or grey) and a flowy dress for contrast or skinny jeans and a chunky sweater for a more casual look.

  • Blue smoking slipper
  • Brown smoking slipper
  • Plaid smoking slipper

Smoking Slipper

Steal a style from the old boy’s club (like, real old) with a pointy-toed slip-on loafer. In everything from patent leather to flannel to velvet and more, these look chic with a pant (dressy or casual) that hits above the ankle.

  • Leopard print pump
  • Leopard print sneaker
  • Leopard print loafer

Anything Leopard

Go wild! This pattern is popping up in every silhouette this season, and it’s surprisingly versatile. Use it to jazz up jeans and a black top, or pair it with a solid in an autumnal hue (or red—racy!).


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