3 Style Rules to Wear Sneakers and Still Look Chic

Ugh, sneakers. They’re back in style. The thing is, the sneaker trend violates two of my style tenets: (1) that they should never be work outside of a gym, and (2) that you should not wear a trend if you already wore it once. That being said, it’s a trend that may be too comfy to resist, so instead of ignoring it, I’m going to tell you how to wear sneakers without looking like you’ve totally given up.

The Darling Detail sneakers

Dress Up a Little

Sneakers + sweatpants belong in the gym. Period. Instead, try them with dressier (but still casual) bottoms, like a pair of skinny jeans or cropped pant. A structured top—a button-down or even a blazer—will make them even more stylish. And please, no socks showing! Wear a low-rise liner sock if necessary.

Urban Outfitters Sneakers

Keep Them Clean

No need to scrub your soles with a toothbrush every night, but if these are the shoes you’re wearing for a weekend of gardening (or, heaven forbid, jogging), they shouldn’t be the ones you’re wearing to work—or even to run errands.

Anthropologie sneakers

Try a Color

Yes, the hippest of the hip are wearing an all-white sneaker. But for the rest of us, you’re better off choosing a color or print you’d just as readily wear in a pump: Black, brown, leopard or another fun print are all good options. And skip the neon accents and anything geared toward a specific sport. Those really do belong in the gym.


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