3 Styling Secrets Every Woman Should Know

I’ve been dressing women for more than 10 years, and if there’s one thing I've learned women want, it’s clues to always look great—without the effort. Because let’s be honest: Even if the only thing you want to do in your free time is binge on reruns, having shortcuts to looking stylish will help you get out the door every day. So here are three styling secrets every woman should know. You’re welcome.

Kelly by Clinton Kelly Hidden Placket Top

Wear Pattern!

Yes, some people are afraid of pattern and it’s best when done right, but here’s the deal: If you’re wearing a great patterned blouse like my Hidden Placket Blouse in Abstract Stripe ($58.75, qvc.com), you don’t need jewelry. And it’s the foundation for a great outfit, because it can tie together the other colors you’re wearing (oh, this has pink in the print? Great, I’ll throw on that pink cardigan). Pattern makes a big impact and you only need one garment to do it.

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Kelly by Clinton Kelly faux suede jacket

Put a Jacket on It

I love a jacket! Whether it’s a blazer, a bomber or my Perforated Faux Suede Jacket ($79.95, qvc.com), topping an outfit with a jacket gives it instant style. Here’s why: The strong shoulders give the ensemble structure, and an open front can make you look slimmer by moving the eye up and down. Plus, people think layering is hard—so if you do more than just pair a top with pants, you’re a genius.

Kelly by Clinton Kelly Black Pants

Rock Black Pants

Audrey Hepburn wore them. Gracy Kelly did, too. A pair of well-fitted black pants like my Pull-On Ponte Pants ($52.50, qvc.com) will always be in style. Why? They’re slimming, they downplay the hips and bum (two big problem areas), and they always look chic. Yes, you can dress up a pair of dark-wash skinny jeans for date night—but if you throw on black pants, you instantly up the ante. Your top and footwear can dress them up or down, but you will always look polished in a black pant.

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3 Styling Secrets Every Woman Should Know
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