4 Ways to Refresh Your Pedicure for Fall

By August you’ve got your summer pedicure down (staff favorites: Geranium and Haute in the Heat), but the change in seasons demands a whole new hue, especially with the prospect of peep-toe booties ahead. We reached out to celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann, founder and creative director of her namesake line of nail polish, to point you in the right direction. “The great thing about your feet is that you can get away with a lot more!" says Lippmann. Here are some ideas to try:

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1. Experiment a Little

“Solid colors are a safe and chic bet on toes, but pedicures are also a great opportunity to get creative,” Lippmann explains. So if you’re nervous about bold colors, nail art, jewel adhesives or shimmer, your toes are a great place to try it out. “For something subtle yet different, try layering a light shimmer, like my Diamonds and Pearls, over a creamy pastel shade,” says Lippmann. For a bolder look, try a high shimmer or glitter like Lippmann’s Can’t Be Tamed, a holographic honey gold glitter.


2. Or, You Know, Don’t

“Nudes go with everything! They’re clean and don’t compete with anything you’re wearing,” says Lippmann. Plus, if you have uneven nails or are prone to chipping, nude is the most forgiving color. Instead of going truly naked (though there’s no shame in a naked toe, she says), consider a clear base coat or treatment that has vitamins and minerals to strengthen and improve nail health, like her Genie in a Bottle Illuminating Nail Tone Perfector. And remember, “nude” doesn’t mean just one color—click here for more neutral suggestions.


3. Solid Suggestions

So you’re into solid colors. Great! Here, Lippmann’s gives her suggestions for fall colors based on what you already love:

  • If you love fuchsia, try… A berry wine hue like Miss Independent. “A highly pigmented shade makes a bold statement on your nails, and goes with everything in your fall wardrobe,” says Lippmann.
  • If you love coral, try… A hot red like It’s Raining Men. “This shade enhances your complexion’s natural glow once the fall weather becomes a bit cooler,” Lippmann asserts.
  • If you love seashell pink, try… A pastel petal pink like La Vie en Rose. According to Lippmann, “This universal, subtle nail lacquer transcends any season."
  • If you love neon orange, try… A brick hue, like Respect (shown here). “It’s the perfect rusty red to complement the falling leaves of autumn and 70s style clothing,” says Lippmann
  • If you love aqua, try… A playful periwinkle like I Know What Boys Like. “A creamy blue with a hint of navy is dark enough to accent fall style,” she says.

To Match or Not to Match? An Exploration

“Matching your fingers and toes isn’t a must, but it’s trending for fall,” says Lippmann. For her, it depends on the outfit. “If you have strong makeup on the eye and lip, match your fingers and toes so you’re not creating too many competing elements,” she suggests. An easy way to find coordinating hues is to shop within the same collection—like her ROAR collection for Fall 2015—since the colors are designed to go together. “I love the way my Miss Independent, a berry wine, works with She Wolf, a true taupe.” And when in doubt, “A staple nude or true red are timeless and work well with almost everything,” Lippmann exclaims.

Fall Pedicure Tips

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