5 Beauty Mistakes You’re Probably Making—And How to Fix Them, STAT!

Every once in a while you see a made-up woman and you think, something’s not quite right. Some you can spot a mile away—overdone eyebrows, streaky blush—but since I’m a fashion expert, not a beauty expert, I asked my friend and pro makeup artist Emily Amick to give me the skinny on the mistakes she sees every day and how to correct them.

Beauty Mistakes You May Be Making

1. Concealing, Not Correcting

If you’ve got a red pimple or dark circles under your eyes, your first instinct may be to slap concealer on top of it and move on. WRONG! That’ll darken the spot, not hide it. First you have to neutralize the color with a color corrector. Remember your color wheel: Green corrects redness from pimples, while salmon (for lighter skin) or orange (for darker) will correct blue-purple under eye circles. Apply the corrector first, set it with powder, then dab concealer over it.

2. Clumpy Mascara

Nothing ruins a smoky eye like spider lashes—hello, drag queen! The key is to apply the color in several light layers instead of one thick one. After curling your lashes, dip your mascara wand into the tube and scrape almost all of it off of the applicator so your wand’s not covered in product. Finely coat your lashes, wait a few seconds, then apply another coat. If you build up your layers this way, you’ll end up with natural-looking thick, long lashes—not scary spider legs.

3. Too Much Shimmer!

Sparkly product should be treated like alcohol: Fun in small doses, dangerous if you go overboard. This one is tricky because shimmer can be found in every kind of makeup—bronzer, eye shadow, lip gloss—and if you stock up on products one by one, you might not realize you’ve got a kit-ful of shimmer until you put it all on. The key is to pick one feature to highlight, like your eyes or lips, and use matte product everywhere else. And while you’re shopping, remember: When in doubt, choose matte!

4. Matching Foundation to Your Hand

Hold your hand up to your neck in the mirror—is it the same color? Probably not! So if that’s how you’re choosing foundation at the makeup counter, your face isn’t going to match your neck, either. Instead, dab it right onto your neck to test the color. Then get into the most natural light as possible to check if it’s a match. It's the best way to avoid that dreaded mask look!

5. Using Bronzer to Contour

Contouring is a YouTube sensation—don’t we all secretly want to look like Kim Kardashian? Too often, though, I see women who have clearly used bronzer to carve out their cheekbones—yikes! Bronzer’s orange and red tones are meant to give you a sunkissed warmth, and those colors don’t look like shadows, they look like makeup. Instead, use neutral-tone contouring powder or cream, or, in a pinch, use brown eyeshadow. Save the bronzer for spots that would be hit by the sun, like the forehead, cheeks and nose.


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