5 Beauty Musts Before a Big Date

When it comes to a first date (or even the tenth!) you always want to put your best self forward. Because when you know you look good, you’ll feel good, too—making it easier to make a great impression as the cool, confident woman I know you are. Here are my top five beauty musts before a big date.

  • 1. Check Your Brows
  • Your eyes are the window to your soul—but if they’re topped with a fuzzy caterpillar unibrow, your date might not be able to find them! Well-groomed brows can change the entire look of your face. If you’ve never had your brows done by a professional, it’s a good idea to do it once: They will set your most flattering shape and you can maintain it from there. If your eyebrows are already in good shape, then this is just a reminder to give them a refresh before the big date.

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  • 2. Glam Your Grin
  • Nothing’s more disarming than a smile, but if you hide your smile because you’re self-conscious about your teeth, your date might think you hate him. If your teeth are getting yellow from too much coffee or wine, whitening strips are an easy fix. Follow the instructions on the packaging, but usually you can get results within a week. And, please brush before your teeth and tongue before you head out the door—bad breath will definitely delay that first kiss.
  • 3. Get Glowing
  • Exfoliating is a good idea in every season, and good moisturizing can be the difference between walking in looking tired or like you have a happy glow. If you’re trying something new, don’t do it the day of—you don’t want a surprise rash—instead, start scrubbing the week before.
  • 4. Sleep Tight
  • Laughter may be the best medicine—but sleep is the best makeup. You might be too excited to sleep the night before the big date, but studies show you can actually “bank” the sleep you get the week before to make up for it. Turn in early, limit your caffeine in the afternoon, and avoid too much electronic stimulation (TV, emails from your boss) before bed to help get some shut-eye.

  • 5. Keep it Light
  • When you go out to the club with your girlfriends you might try a smoky eye or some metallic blue eye shadow, but when it comes to a date, you don’t want to hide behind heavy makeup. Instead, go for a natural look: A little concealer, blush or bronzer for some color, and a little bit of eye shadow or lipstick will do the trick.

5 Beauty Musts Before a Big Date
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