5 Beauty Myths—Busted! Test Your Knowledge With This Quiz

I’m about to drop some serious beauty knowledge on you: 99% of the beauty "wisdom" out there is just. not. true. Now, knowing the truth might not save your life (though it could!), but it could save you some time in the morning. Can you sort fact from fiction? Test your knowledge below.

clinton kelly 5 beauty myths busted

True or false: Chocolate and greasy food give you acne.

Mostly false—phew! We’re happy to report that unless you’re using French fries as a face mask, there’s no direct link between unhealthy foods and pimples. That being said, an unhealthy diet high in sugars and simple carbohydrates (including sweets and starches like pasta and potatoes) can make acne more likely. So stick to a healthy diet overall and your skin—along with the rest of you—will be better off.

True or false: You must wash your hair every day.

False! Sure, your coworkers appreciate a daily shower, but you don’t have to lather up every time you get wet. Hair is a fiber, just like wool, and every time you wash it you strip the natural oils and damage it just a little bit (just think how your frizzy sweaters would look if you rubbed them with soap every day!). So unless you have a super-oily scalp, you should cut back to 3-4 times a week and use a hair powder or just a rinse in between.

True or false: You should never put oil on your face.

False! Most women hear “oil” and think “pimples,” but that’s just not the case. Argan oil, olive oil, and coconut oil—among others—are all natural hydrators that can moisturize your skin without causing breakouts, whether they’re used in their pure form or incorporated into products. In fact, some of these oils can even improve acne by tricking your skin into thinking it’s already producing sebum. Hurrah!

True or false: Crossing your legs in high heels gives you varicose veins.

Mostly true. Anything that adds pressure to your feet—like wearing heels or being overweight or pregnant—makes it harder for your veins to push your blood back up towards you heart, causing those gnarly bulges of pooled blood in your veins. So even if you love heels, avoid them when you’ll be standing all day. The good news: Crossing your legs doesn’t stress your veins, so you go on with that that lotus position, girl!

True or false: Going to a tanning salon is better for you than lying out in the sun.

Totally false. Sorry, Charlie: A suntan is skin damage, no matter how you get it. For a while, the rumor was that there were “good” UV rays (UVA) and “bad” ones (UVB), and that minimizing the UVB exposure made tanning beds better than natural sunlight. But since the ‘90s, the medical community has continually found that ANY UV exposure exponentially increases your risk of melanoma. Save your skin (and yourself!) and fake that healthy glow with bronzer.


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