5 Smart Tips to Pack for a Long Weekend

Planning for a beach getaway? Try these tips for packing smart for the long weekend—or really, any length of trip. I want you to spend your days in the sun (properly hatted and SPF’d, of course) instead of in the doctor’s office nursing the shoulder you dislocated carrying an overloaded tote. Got it?

  • Think double-duty. Don’t pack a pair of shoes you’ll only wear for an hour! Your basics should all work for at least two occasions, like pair of leather sandals you can wear to dockside boutiques or the tiki bar, or a cover-up that can be belted as a dress for evening.
  • Pick a palette. Pare down the colors you pack from the rainbow in your closet to just a few that coordinate—say, navy, grey and pink or black, white and yellow—to make mixing and matching your ensembles a seamless task
  • Accessorize. A statement necklace, big bangles or bright, textured belt make the difference between feeling blah in your basics and feeling chic.
  • Pack efficiently. Roll up bigger garments—it minimizes wrinkles—and pack smaller items into zip-top bags, then push out the air and seal them up (they’ll come in handy for your damp suit on the way home). And be sure to leave extra room for a few souvenirs.
  • Trim your routine. Yes, at home you’ve got serums for your eyes, neck and hair—but you can skip them for three days. Bring only the basic products in TSA-ready containers and think double-duty when it comes to beauty, too: Bring a tinted concealer, use your bronzer as eye shadow and smudge your mascara a little instead of using eyeliner.

Coyote urine. It’s the reason my hydrangeas actually bloomed this year. (Deer repellent.) And after her thorough sweep of the gardens for chipmunks, it’s what Mary smells like right now. #bathtime Happy Saturday!

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