5 Spring Style Mistakes—Read This Before You Make Them!

Spring has sprung! Birds chirping, lovers swooning, and—dear God, is that leg hair or are you standing on top of a spider’s nest? As this warmer weather gets you shedding layers, here are 5 must-don’ts—and how to avoid them.

Clinton Kelly 5 Spring Style Mistakes

Anything Your Buttcheeks Hang Out Of

You may have pinned some street style shots of a 22-year-old fashion editor at Coachella rocking micro denim. That does not mean it will look good on you. I empower you to embrace only flattering trends and scrap the rest. If you’re all about that bass, keep it covered. Since I always want your bum to look its best, I suggest shorts that float away from your wider parts and hit at a narrow spot on your thigh.

Gnarly Feet

If you’ve got three corns, a grown-out gel pedi and a big toe that’s got any more hair on it than Michael Symon’s head, don’t put on a strappy sandal. No one wants to look at that. Call a podiatrist, give yourself a pedicure, and until then, wear a closed-toe shoe like a skimmer, slip-on sneaker or espadrille-inspired flat.

Nipping Out

It’s warm in the sun, cool in the shade… I get it, attention-grabbing nips are inevitable. But unless you WANT everyone staring at the girls, keep them under control. A lightly padded bra will take care of the problem, or you can insert silicone petals between you and your cups to retrofit a bra. And always tote a sweater or scarf with you—goosebumps and shivering aren’t attractive, either.

Peekaboo Tights

I understand it’s scary to take those bare legs out of hibernation. But don’t wear an open-toed or open-backed spring shoe with tights or hose—yuck! Slingbacks, sandals and mules look good on a bare foot. Repeat after me: No heels, no hose. In the meantime, shave your legs, start building up that self-tan and do calf lifts in line at the coffee shop until you like the way they look.

Bad Belly Baring

Crop tops are having a moment, but here’s a tip: Don’t bare your midriff if it’s gonna bulge. If you’ve got killer abs, embrace this trend while you’ve still got ‘em (and send us your workout tips, while you’re at it). If you’re even the teeniest bit doughy, a peplum or loose blouse that floats away from your body will look best.


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