5 Style Tips for Tall Women

In our Dress Your Shape series, we showcase chic women who live by my number one style rule—without fit you don't have style—and give you the shape-specific tips to get it right, every time. This week we’re highlighting Alicia Jay, the blogger behind TallSwag.com, which chronicles her journey to stay chic at a stunning 6’6”. “I’ve been skinny and I’ve been heavier, but I’ve always been the tallest girl in the room,” say Alicia Jay. These are the style tricks that work for Alicia.


Shop Online

Although more and more retailers have lines for taller women—one of Alicia Jay’s favorites is Asos—frequently, the whole collection isn’t in the store. “It’s not ideal, but you can find stuff you like online if you’re willing to hunt for it,” says Alicia Jay. (A favorite online retailer is Long Tall Sally). Same goes for shoes size 10 and up. “Even at Nordstrom, when I ask for the twelves, they bring out a bunch of flats—no thanks!”


Get to Know Your Tailor

Alicia Jay's tailor "might be" her best friend. "Sometimes I stop by just to chat with her!” she confesses. When your clothing options are limited to begin with, be prepared to do minor alterations to get it just right: Nip in the waist, get a hem to just the right length, or shorten a rise if necessary. “I’ve actually found maxi dresses that are too long!” laughs Alicia Jay.


Accentuate Your Length

Let’s be honest, a lot of women would kill for sky-high legs. So show them off! “If I’m dressing for work, nothing makes me feel more polished than a pencil skirt with a structured shirt,” says Alicia Jay. A well-placed slit, vertically-oriented pattern or high-waisted trousers or jeans can make your legs look even longer. And when it comes to dressing up, Alicia Jay tells us, “I love a cocktail dress that’s short, but covered up through the bust and sleeves.”


Forget the Rules

“I’ve been told that tall girls shouldn’t wear pattern, but I don’t believe any of that stuff,” scoffs Alicia Jay. I generally recommend that you scale pattern to your proportions (don’t wear a teeny tiny all-over print if you’re tall or broad). Usually, Alicia Jay wears pattern in just one statement piece, like a top or pant, but if she finds an all-over print she loves, she'll go for it. “I truly believe that tall women can wear anything,” says Alicia Jay.


Never Compromise on Shoes

Shoes make the outfit—so if you want a stiletto, don’t settle for a kitten heel. “I used to wear lower heels because I thought they were the only things tall girls could wear, but they didn’t make me feel good,” says Alicia Jay. So forget the “rules” (see above) and wear whatever footwear you like. Alicia Jay's advice: “I always wear a hot shoe—a great pair of pumps makes even a t-shirt and jeans look glam.”

5 Style Tips for Tall Women

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