5 Ways to Wear Tropical Prints (That Aren’t a Hawaiian Shirt)

Tropical prints are blooming all over women’s clothing! These exuberant patterns capture the fun of summer—but they’re a little scary if you’re not used to wearing bold prints and neon colors. Here’s are 5 tips to make tropical prints this summer’s most wearable trend.


Pair it With Neutrals

Stay away from matching your hot pink sandals to your hot pink print and instead opt for neutral accessories that contrast with the beachy vibe, like stacked wooden heels or metallic sandals, so you don’t look too theme-y. No rubber flip flops! Printed Dress with Pleated Pockets, $80; zara.com


Dress Your Best Feature

Because this pattern is pretty bold, it’s going to draw attention to wherever you wear it. So if you don’t like your butt, for example, wear a tropical print top with dark bottoms. If you like your legs, try silky trousers. Collection Cropped Patio Trouser in Hibiscus, $228; jcrew.com


Play with Color

Not all tropical prints are in neon hues! If you like the idea of a hibiscus or palm, but not the color, look for a monochrome design that incorporates the pattern. Tropical Tank Shirtdres, $60; gap.com


Scale to Your Frame

As with any other design, a tropical print that suits your frame—smaller designs for petites, larger ones for tall women—will look better on your proportionally than small prints on a large frame or vice versa. Jersey Dress in Turquoise Floral, $10; hm.com


When in Doubt, Accessorize

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: Accessories are the gateway for any trend. So if you’re not ready for head-to-toe tropical, try it out in a scarf, bag or shoe. Cool Tropic Scarf, $50; chicos.com

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