6 Tips to Look 10 Lbs Thinner Today!

I have traveled all over the country, making over thousands of women. And more times than I can count, I have been asked, “What can I do to look thinner?” So, I’ll give you some of my easiest tips right now, but please keep in mind, I’m approaching this from a purely objective standpoint. Nobody should ever tell you that you need to lose 10 pounds, not even your mother. (You should, however, check out my ideas on how to dress for your body type, which can make you feel better about your shape.)

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Get The Girls Up

Chances are, you’re wearing the wrong bra. The vast majority of women I have dressed are wearing bras that are too big in the cup and too small in the band, which results in low-hanging fruit. And when the girls hang low, you can look shorter, heavier and sometimes sloppy. In a good bra, your bust should be approximately halfway between your shoulder and your elbow. Why? Lifting the bust higher creates more waist area, giving the illusion that you are taller. And when you look taller you look thinner. Time for a professional bra fitting.

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Shape It Till You Make It

Look, shapewear works. It can streamline your squishier parts, creating less width. I’m certainly not expecting you to wear the heavy-duty stuff every day, but even a camisole with some spandex can make you feel thinner and help you stand taller.

Be Well-Heeled

Here’s the deal: When you look taller, you look thinner. (Think of how a 150-pound woman might look at 5-foot-3 versus 5-foot-7.) That’s why the high-heel industry is a billion dollar business. Buy into it. You don’t need stilettos; try a heeled boot or wedge sandal to give you a few more vertical inches.

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Take The Plunge

A V-neck top lengthens the neck, which can make you appear slimmer overall. (People with long necks just appear taller.) Invest in a V-neck or unbutton your blouse (slightly and tastefully), for a leaner look. I’m not talking so deep a dip that your cleavage spills out, but you need enough of a plunge to create the slimming illusion.

Belt It Out

Try this: Place your belt higher than your navel – halfway between the bottom of your bust and the bottom of your ribcage. The result: a slimmer look and legs for miles. That’s because a belt placed at your narrowest part draws attention to that spot while creating a waist and lengthening the leg line. Takeaway: Your narrowest part is not necessarily your actual waistline.

Change Your Jeans

Dark-wash jeans are a must. I know I’ve said it a thousand times, but they really can help you look taller and leaner. And while distressed, light-wash and/or cuffed jeans are very popular right now, they can also make you look shorter and/or wider. Wear them with care.

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