7 Easy Tricks to Freshen Up Your Makeup for Summer

You’ve seen it: The woman with raccoon eyes and foundation melting off of her face at the swimming pool. NOT attractive! To save you from this fate, we tapped our longtime makeup artist and friend Gaby for tips on how to change up your makeup routine for the summer. Here’s what she recommends:

Make over your summer makeup

1. Combine Your Moisturizer & Foundation

Most people get a little color in the summer, which hides imperfections, so you don’t need as much coverage. Look for a tinted moisturizer or BB cream, or add a few drops of foundation to your moisturizer before you apply it. Whatever you use, make sure it has an SPF of 30 or higher, since the sun is stronger and you’re more likely to be outside.

2. Wear Powder Blush

Cream blush gives a nice dewy effect—but it can melt off in hot weather. Instead, use a powder blush, which can absorb some humidity without disappearing. You might consider a more vibrant tone with some orange in it, like coral, to play off any freckles or tan you’re getting.

3. Bronze Away

If you’re good about your SPF, you shouldn’t get too much color—so apply bronzer on the spots where the sun hits (your cheekbones, forehead and across your nose) to get that glow.

4. Lighten Up on Eye Makeup

Now is not the time for a smoky eye—it’ll melt into your eyelid creases. “You don’t need a lot—add a little shimmer, some waterproof liner and you’re done,” says Gaby. And be sure to wear waterproof, not water-resistant, mascara and eyeliner. It’s harder to remove (use eye makeup remover on a cotton ball) but you’ll avoid those raccoon eyes.

5. Lip Lock

Just like with your facial moisturizer, now’s the time to add SPF 15 or higher to your lips as well. If your lip color doesn’t have it, put on a balm first. In general, lighter, more sheer colors feel better for summer. “A sheer lip tint or lip stain looks fresher for day, but you can use a bright pop of color at night,” says Gaby.

6. Be Prepared

Your skin WILL get sweaty and humid during the day, so if you want your makeup to last, stash blotting papers or translucent powder in your purse to re-set it when necessary.

7. Body Talk

If you suffer from acne or other imperfections along your chest and back, resist the urge to cover them up with makeup. “It’s not going to last—you’d need professional-level, waterproof makeup to cover it up,” says Gaby. Instead, apply a self-tanner to make it less noticeable and consider seeing a dermatologist if it really bothers you.


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