7 First Date Fashion Don’ts

I'm all about expressing your personal style, but there are some fashion choices that just don’t make sense on a first date. You may think you know the basics (if you don’t, here’s my handy guide), but there are a few mistakes I see over and over again. Don’t let bad style choices ruin a good time! Here are seven things you can strike right off your list.

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First Date Fashion Faux Pas
  • 1. Dark Lipstick
  • We love a good berry lip, but super-deep shades can cause problems on a first date. Many dark lipsticks require constant reapplication, and the more time you spend in front of a mirror, the less you’re spending with your date. Plus, you run the risk of smearing your ‘stick on your dinner napkin or teeth—awkward! No guy wants to walk away from a goodnight kiss wearing the latest shade for fall. I guarantee it’s not his color!
  • 2. Fussy Jewelry
  • Resist the urge to over-accessorize! Jangly bangles and dangly earrings are distracting and sometimes... tacky. And it’s hard to look cool when your multi-layered necklaces are tangled up in your utensils. Choose fun, minimal pieces—or one easy-to-wear statement piece like a necklace or earrings—that won't steal the attention from YOU. You’re the star, not your jewelry!
  • 3. “Taxi” Shoes
  • You never know where the night will take you, so be smart about your feet. Your shoes should be appropriate to the venue (and you know I love a hot shoe), but brand new kicks or sky-high stilettos are a recipe for disaster. I've seen one too many women teeter and slip on the streets of New York. Better not to cry on the first date.
  • 4. Too-Tight Pants
  • Sure, they may accentuate your tush, but can you BREATHE? If your pants are uncomfortably snug (especially with this season’s higher-waisted styles), you'll be stuck ordering a salad, which is lame. Save some room to say yes to that artisanal gelato.
  • 5. A Micromini Skirt
  • A first date is no place to wear a skirt that looks like barely-there underwear. Why? A) If you can’t cross your legs without flashing the entire restaurant, you’re giving away the whole buffet when it’s only appetizer time. B) If you can barely sit down in them, you’ll be fidgeting all night, and your date will wonder if you have an STD.
  • 6. A High-Maintenance Hairdo
  • Ladies, leave the beehive at home! Anything that involves tons of bobby pins or product will just get messy, and you don't want to make a mad dash for the ladies' room every time a piece falls out of place. A natural wave, neat pony or sleek blowout are all classic and chic.
  • 7. An Overflowing Handbag
  • Nothing says “baggage” like... baggage. If your purse explodes with receipts, gum wrappers and tubes of Chapstick when you reach for your wallet, your date’s going to wonder how many cats you’ve got at home. Instead, bring a clutch with just the necessities—phone, keys, wallet, lip gloss—on your first night out. Leave the bag of tricks to Mary Poppins.

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7 First Date Fashion Don'ts

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