7 Things You Must Put in Storage RIGHT NOW!

Alright ladies, it’s October. Maybe in September you could get away with stretching your summer wardrobe while it was still warm out, but now it’s really, officially fall. So here are seven things I suggest you pack up ASAP, because I don’t want to see them again until May. Okay?

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7 Things You Must Put in Storage RIGHT NOW!
  • 1. Jersey Maxi
  • Cute and breezy when it’s hot, but too weird to layer when it’s chilly—that clingy fabric will bunch around your Chelsea boots and static-cling to your faux suede jacket. Buh-bye.
  • 2. Strappy Sandals
  • Here’s a clue: If you would use the word “Grecian,” “Roman” or “thong” to describe those shoes, they’re too strappy. A peep-toe bootie is fine, but I only want to see about one and a half of your toes until Spring 2016.
  • 3. White Pants
  • I’m not a rules guy: White after Labor Day is fine! But a white cotton pant—especially one with a drawstring at the top, even lightweight denim—is out. Make space for some creamy corduroy or a chic ponte knit. Cozy!
  • 4. That Straw Fedora
  • Okay so maybe you should have put it in storage forever last year because I am so over this look, but if you were still rocking it this summer, that’s fine. Now swap it with a broad-rimmed felted hat for your fall-winter coverage.
  • 5. Cotton Shorts
  • I mean do you even want to wear these when it’s below 70 degrees outside? If you like to show off your legs, opt for a longer wool-blend or leather short with tights underneath. Chic!
  • 6. Woven Purse
  • A tisket, a tasket—time to say goodbye to that straw basket. ‘Tis the season for leather—try it in a bucket bag, structured tote or even a backpack.
  • 7. Pastel or Neon Prints
  • Okay maybe, just maybe, you can get away with a Liberty floral if it’s got some burgundy in there, but if you’re dealing with a seersucker or Lily Pulitzer explosion, there’s a time and a place. And that was two months ago, at the beach. Swap ‘em out for a moody floral print.

7 Things You Must Put in Storage RIGHT NOW!
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