Are Your Jeans Making You Boring?

Wake up. Brush teeth. Pull on dark wash skinny jeans. If that’s your daily routine, you might be stuck in a denim rut and not even know it. The fashion world has started moving on, which means you’ll have to bust out of your skinny jean comfort zone eventually. Here are five trends to add into your rotation.

Boyfriend Jeans Clinton Kelly


This easy-to-wear, relaxed silhouette looks and feels already lived-in. Often cuffed on the bottom, these jeans also provide more width in the leg, which can be forgiving of your hips, thighs and bottom.

How to wear it:

Pair with a slightly more structured top (nothing too voluminous, please) to balance out the jean’s slouchy style.

Be careful if…

They’re faded in your trouble spots. For example, designers will often intentionally fade the denim on the thigh, which can be like shining a flashlight right on them. If that’s where you carry weight, you might not want the extra attention there. Or maybe you do. Your choice.

Worn by Vivi of FashionTruffles

Overalls Clinton Kelly


Surprise! They’ve made a comeback! (A lot like Lisa Kudrow.) But this is not a ’90s, baggy, Friends-style relapse. The current look is considerably more body conscious.

How to wear it:

The rest of your outfit should be a little girlier, such as a top or scarf with a feminine print. Heels wouldn’t hurt either.

Be careful if…

Your top, accessories and shoes are sloppy or too masculine. The idea isn’t to look like a farmer, it’s more about looking like a fashionable city dweller who works in, say, marketing and appreciates all the fabulous things farmers contribute to society. As you should. Eat local!

Worn by Bee of Atlantic - Pacific

Ripped Jeans Clinton Kelly


It might make some women feel distressed to buy jeans already shredded up, but the look is edgy and very “in.”

How to wear it:

With crisp pieces on top—nothing sloppy like an oversized hoodie. You also need shoes in excellent condition to prove you’re not just a hot mess. Basically, the key to making this look work is irony. You want to say, “My jeans are fashionably torn, but the rest of me is dressed up!”

Be careful if…

You’re over “a certain age.” (If you think I’m telling you what that age is, you’re out of your mind. You’ll have to figure it out for yourself. But … if you think you might be too old for this trend, you probably are. It’s a mindset thing.) Highly fashionable women should have no problem pulling off this look with success. Others risk looking like they tripped on the sidewalk and tore their pants.

Worn by Kerry of Little Pretties, Big City

Black Jeans Clinton Kelly


Blue is classic, but black is just as versatile. It’s simply another neutral color of denim to mix up your everyday uniform.

How to wear it:

Think of them as modern, black trousers.

Be careful if…

Your look is too casual. Black jeans are inherently edgier than their blue cousins, so wearing them with sneakers often looks “off.” (Like you want to be cool, but have a bad bunion.) You’re better off sticking with boots and heels.

Worn by Grace of Stripes and Sequins

High Waist Jeans Clinton Kelly

High Waist

Because the millennial generation was pretty much born wearing low-slung pants, they find “mom jeans” refreshing and cool. If you can’t wrap your head around this trend, at least appreciate it for this: There’s a lot less visible ass crack in the world.

How to wear it:

Tuck in a blouse, throw on a statement necklace and you’re très chic. A woman who boasts her natural waist (at the bellybutton) as the narrowest part of her body, will look the best in this trend.

Be careful if…

You wore this cut in the early ’90s; you risk looking like a throwback (and not in the charming way). Also, avoid them if you carry weight in your tummy. A high waist will emphasize your abdominal region.

Worn by Gold of Gold Emeh

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