Break Up with Your Bikini! Clinton Kelly’s Guide to the Best One-Piece Swimsuit for Every Body

Hallelujah: The hottest swimsuits this season are one-pieces! (Now you can all stop sucking in your stomachs.) Besides being chic-er than a bikini, one-piece swimsuits give you more options to conceal and reveal to create the illusion of an hourglass figure, no matter what “shape” you really are. Now, the best way to find a swimsuit that works for your body is to try on a lot of options, but to save you as much time as possible under those fluorescent lights, I've put together some tips on which one-piece swimsuit silhouettes will work best for your body. Here’s what to look for, with a few options to consider for every shape.

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If you are…. Busty

To balance your figure, you want to downplay your top half and draw the eye toward your bottom half. Look for swimsuits with darker colors and simple styling around the bust with visual interest at the hips, like embellishments, lighter colors or patterns, or even a skirt. You also want to keep your bosom well supported with thicker straps, an underwire or corset-style structure. Besides being more comfortable, that will help define your waist to make you look slimmer overall.

Jessica Simpson Ikat-Print Peplum Bandeau One-Piece Swimsuit, $98; Women's Plus Size Tugless Tank One Piece Swimsuit in Stripe, $69; Set Up on the Sand One-Piece Swimsuit in Plus Size, $90;

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If you are… Bigger on the Bottom

You want to do the opposite of your busty counterparts above: Choose a swimsuit with fun details up top, like a ruffle or fringe, lighter colors or an interesting neckline, and keep your bottom half streamlined. If you’re self-conscious about your butt, beware of overcompensating with TOO much coverage: Boy shorts and low-cut legs often hit right at your widest point, which will only make your bum look bigger.

Profile by Gottex Plus Size Printed One-Piece Swimsuit, $138; Women's Beach Club Bandeau One Piece Swimsuit, $85; Kate Spade New York Georgica Beach Stripes Bandeau Maillot w/ Removable Soft Cups and Straps, $160;

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If you… Have a Tummy

If you’re thicker in the middle, you want to keep the eye moving up and down instead of side to side. Avoid swimsuits with strong horizontal details, like a straight-across bandeau-style top or horizontal stripes, in favor of suits with vertical elements, like a deep V-neck, wide-set straps (to keep your suit looking taller instead of wider) and patterns or styling details (like piping) that run up and down your body. If you’d rather not wear a suit that clings to your waist, look for an empire waist skirt suit that will nip in under the bust (most women’s narrowest part) and float away from your tummy.

Women's Plus Halter Swimsuit in Ebony, $40; Sweetheart One Piece, $134; Roxanne: River Jewel Wire-Free Shaping Swim Dress, $79;

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If you have… No Curves

The good news for you straight up-and-down girls: It’s easier to add than subtract! Create the illusion of curves by adding softness and volume around the bust: Good options include shallow V-neck or sweetheart necklines and drape front suits, or ruffles and ruching on a simpler silhouette. Look for shirred or wrap style waists, too.

Vince Camuto Collins Luxe Blouson Maillot w/ Removable Soft Cups, $118; Women‘s Draped One Piece Black Stripe – Merona, $40; Maxine Shirred Front Plus Size Polyester Swimsuit, $58;

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If you have… An Hourglass Shape

Lucky girl! Steer clear of extra embellishment on the top or bottom (a gentle sweetheart or scoop neckline is all you need up top), look for solids or allover patterns and show off a small waist with a belt or faux wrap around your midsection.

Robyn Lawley Plus Size Gothic Rose Underwire One Piece, $126; Down for a Dip One-Piece Swimsuit in Black and White, $55; Exclusive to ASOS Lira Love Street Bustier Swimsuit, $74;

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If you have… Lots of Curves and a Tummy

The trick here is to offset width with length: Look for thick, wide-set straps that vee toward your middle through a V neck or deep sweetheart neckline. Strong vertical lines at your torso, like a paneled design (with darker fabric on the outside) or vertical piping from the bust to legs, can create the illusion of a thinner waistline. And pay attention to where your leg openings end: Avoid ones that hit at the widest point of your hips and instead go higher cut or even lower, as with a skirt suit that ends below your bum.

Miraclesuit: Side Course Temptress Wire-Free Swimsuit DD-Cups, $160; Tropiculture Electric Tone Underwire One Piece, $48; InControl Salem Plus Size Swimdress, $89;

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If you have… Narrow Shoulders and a Large Bust

A larger chest looks more comfortable on a larger shoulder, so avoid halter-type swimsuits and look for ones with thick, wide set straps to make your shoulders look broader, then de-emphasize your bust with dark colors and streamlined styles as in the “If You’re Busty” tips above.

Tropiculture Seeing Dots Crossover Swimsuit, $55; One Shoulder Bandeau One Piece by Aqua Green in Coral, $40; ASOS CURVE Mesh Insert Swimsuit, $45;

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