Clinton Kelly's 3 Most Wearable Fashion Trends for Spring

I’ve dressed women for more than a decade and I’ve answered this question for nearly as long: “How do I participate in a trend without looking ridiculous?!” My answer: Trends are tricky, but most trends can be tastefully incorporated into your existing wardrobe. That doesn’t mean that you have to try everything—save that midriff-baring fringe ensemble for the cabaret, thankyouverymuch—but if you add just a few little updates each season, your staples will always feel fresh. So here are what I consider the most wearable spring trends for 2015, plus tips on how to work them into your wardrobe.

Yellow dress


Maybe it’s because it’s January here in NYC, but just writing the word feels like a ray of sunshine piercing through snow-laden clouds. Yellow’s brilliant, but it can be tough to pull off without looking like Big Bird. Here’s how:

  • Pick one statement piece. Wear the color on the part of your body you want to draw attention to: A chunky bangle on delicate wrists, a silky blouse over a gorgeous collarbone.
  • Choose a hue that works with your skin tone: A cool neon is great on pale skin (think Naomi Watts at the Golden Globes) while a mustard works well for olive tones.
  • Pair it with neutrals. Bright yellow shines against black, grey, navy and camel—but it can get a little crazy with equally strong colors like red, royal blue or Kelly green. Save those wild combos for your kid sister—or your next 80s party.


These babies come in an out of style, and here’s why: Just like a button-front shirt, they’re easy to layer, dress up and dress down. How to wear them now:

  • Go a little longer. The latest silhouettes hit as low as mid-calf. Since that’s a tough length for most ladies, just make sure yours reaches the kneecap or you might be channeling Tom Cruise in Risky Business.
  • Cinch ‘em up. Tunic-shaped shirtdresses have been around for a while, so if you’ve got one of those, belt it the waist to make it look more feminine. Other ways to make it work for your figure: Pop the collar and undo a few buttons to elongate your neck, or roll up the sleeves to show off slender wrists.
  • Change your shoes, change your look. The great thing about a shirtdress is its versatility: Sex it up with bare legs and a pump, try tights and booties for a hip work look, or try it with leggings and a flat boot for a casual weekend style.
Floral dress

Bold Florals

Another trend that’s never truly out of style, floral prints were popular on the runways. And why not? Flowers are beautiful! Here’s how to embrace the look without getting too ‘50s housewife:

  • Add some structure. Wear the print on more tailored pieces, like pants, and blazer or a well-cut dress.
  • Get the fabric right. Too silky and you’re in a nightgown, too stiff and you’re wearing Granny’s curtains. A wool-silk blend, poly or cotton will give you just enough movement.
  • Pick unusual color combos. Resist a print that’s too literal, it’ll feel fuddy-duddy. Instead, choose one with over-the-top color or stylized designs.

P.S. For more tips on how to wear florals, click here.

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