Don't Screw Up: Red Lips

Red lips are timeless. Elegant. Damn sexy and currently a huge trend. If, you can pull it off. But ladies, I see so many of you making errors in your application and I want to help you look your best. So don’t screw this up!

By all means, avoid wearing red lipstick if you have yellow teeth (it will only bring out the unfortunate discoloration), missing teeth or no teeth. In the case of the latter, maybe you need to consult a good cosmetic dentist. Also, gals with small lips are not a good match because there’s not enough surface area for such a bold beauty statement. Your lips will look even thinner. Here are the top 10 secrets to wearing the perfect red lip. Now go forth and make your pucker pop!

Red lipstick Clinton Kelly
  • Fair skin can handle a red with blue undertones such as cranberry or wine.
  • Medium skin looks dramatic with fiery orange-red or deep blackberry lips.
  • Dark skin is the perfect canvas for tangerine or maroon shades of red.
  • Keep the rest of your face simple and clean with just mascara, eyeliner and a touch of blush.
  • Make your red lips last by applying it with your fingertip. Pat it on, then apply a second time. Blot on a tissue and you’re set.
  • Use a lip brush for precise application (as opposed to using it right from the tube) or use your fingertip to apply for the look of a lip stain.
  • Want to avoid red lipstick in the corners of your mouth? Then don’t apply it there. Lipstick is for lips. The corners of your mouth are where food gets caught.
  • Try a lip primer or foundation first to prevent red lipstick from bleeding.
  • There is nothing sadder than a gorgeous woman (Cousin Sally, um I mean, reader, I’m directing this specifically to YOU) with red lipstick on her teeth. To avoid that beauty blunder take your (clean) pointer finger and stick it on your mouth. Close your lips and slide out your finger. Any stray color will end up on your finger, not your pearly whites.
  • If your red seems wrong, try another shade. There is a seemingly endless range of reds and I know the perfect one is waiting for you.

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