Find The Most Flattering Dress! The 3 Key Details That Will Make You Look Your Best

There are three key details that a dress needs to create that enviable hourglass silhouette. Choose a dress based on my advice and odds are it will flatter you, no matter your shape. Here, my two lovely models—a straight size 4 and curvy size 12—show off why this dress is universally flattering. They’re both wearing my Sleeveless Dress with Ruffle Detail (shown here in Monet Floral and Black, $55, from my Kelly by Clinton Kelly collection at QVC.

Clinton Kelly Most Flattering Dress

1. A V-Neck

What it does: Works on women with large or small busts, like our models here, to elongate your neck, giving the illusion that you are taller—and taller looks slimmer! Plus, almost every woman I’ve met has a lovely clavicle, so you should show it off. Just make sure the V isn’t too low (especially you busty women).

Flattering Dress Monet Floral

2. A High, Defined Waist

Many women assume that the slimmest part of their body is right around the bellybutton, but that’s not necessarily true! Often, it’s a little higher—right under the bust. You want a garment that nips in where you're smallest, the way it does for our straight size 4, to get that hourglass silhouette. This dress has a cummerbund-inspired waist that hits right at the sweet spot, defining that area and drawing the eye to it.

Most Flattering Dress Curvy

3. A Slightly Flared Skirt to the Knee

Another way to create that hourglass silhouette is to have the dress float away from your body and then stop at the thinnest part of your leg—which for most women, including our curvy size 12, is right in the middle of the knee. Then people think you’re that skinny all the way up and don’t even notice your hips and thighs. For real!


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