Flattering Winter Coats for Every Shape

Finding a coat that flatters your body type might feel overwhelming -- enough that you’re tempted to just give up and wear a sleeping bag! But I’m here to tell you that you can stay warm and look stylish by finding a fit that flatters your shape. To help narrow it down, I’ve rounded up my favorite winter coats that are perfect for every shape. Happy shopping!

If you have a... Large Bust

If you have... A large bust

Just because you’re on the busty side doesn’t mean that your chest has to be the main attraction. When picking a winter coat you want to make sure to avoid a high neck with too many buttons across the chest that can cause awkward gaping or straining. Try a V-neck, single-breasted, semi-fitted style with seams that taper to the waist to elongate you and ensure you are comfortable and chic! Wool-cashmere blend coat, $229; Macy's.

If you're... Bigger on the Bottom

If you're... Bigger on the bottom

If you are curvier on the bottom, aim for a jacket that cinches your waist but still allows for a bit of room throughout your hips. One with an A-line can accommodate without adding volume. You can’t go wrong with a double breasted, military-style jacket to create a flattering silhouette. Double-breasted flared peacoat, $169; Macy's.

If you're... Hourglass-Shaped

If you have... An hourglass shape

The key to dressing for this shape is to emphasize your natural waist, at your belly button, but make sure to keep the style of the jacket tailored and fitted to your body, and avoid anything too straight up and down. A classic belted or wrap coat is the perfect way to show off those curves in a chic and polished way. Wool-blend coat, $99; H&M.

If you're... Petite

If you're... Petite

It can be hard to find the right fit when you are a petite person, but luckily there are so many great styles that work well on a smaller frame. And there’s a petite section at most stores, so use it! The proportions will be more appropriate. Keep the hemline above the knee to create a longer-looking torso and avoid chopping your legs at an odd spot. A fit and flare or skater coat is a fresh and playful option that won’t overwhelm your figure. Skater coat with faux fur collar, $144; ASOS Petite.

If you're... Tall

If you're... Tall

If you’ve got the height, work it girl! You can pull off certain styles and lengths of jackets that others can’t so rock those extra long dusters with pride and panache. For fun, try a roomy cocoon coat, since you have the height to balance the width, or keep it simple and opt for a slim fit tailored coat with bold details like oversized buttons, lapels or epaulets, cut closely to the body. Coat with seam detail in wool, $135; ASOS Tall.

If You're... Plus-Sized

If you're... Plus size

There are so many great brands that offer stylish plus-sized clothing, but when it comes to jackets, you want to focus on showing off your smallest part. So if you have a tummy, go for a style that is tailored to hit right below the bust. Just make sure you have enough room to layer. Pulling and gapping can look messy and make you larger than you are. And since height offsets width, opt for a longer, streamlined jacket for a fluid, slimming look. Plus-size empire waist coat, $189; Macy's.

If you have... No curves

If you have... No curves

You can have a bit fun creating a curvy silhouette just by finding the right style of jacket. In order to create more of an hourglass shape, boost the bust and cinch your waist by sticking with coats that feature a tie-waist and a full hem. Avoid straight, shapeless coats so that your figure doesn’t get lost or overwhelmed. A faux fur collar adds volume. Faux fur collar belted coat, $99; ASOS.

If you have a... Tummy

If you have... A tummy

If you feel self-conscious about your midsection, avoid any pulling across the tummy by steering clear of wrap jackets or double-breasted styles and instead pick a coat with classic, structured tailoring that emphasizes your narrowest point, just under the bust, that will help you create that hourglass shape. Look for coats with a subtle A-line, width at the bottom will help make your top half look narrower. Wool car coat, $199; Land's End.

Flattering Winter Coats for Every Shape

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