Frames to Fit your Face

When glasses first hit the streets as the geek-chic accessory of choice, the only real style option were thick black frames. And let’s face it, those statement-makers only really look good on a certain sort of high-cheekboned, model-esque face. Luckily, the look has evolved, and a now whole range of glasses are available that might actually look good on us mere mortals. For your most flattering frames, take a cue from your face shape.

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On a narrow face where the forehead and jaw are about the same size, your goal is to maintain that balance with frames that don’t have an exaggerated shape. Taller or more square frames that are about the same width or slightly wider than your face are ideal.

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If your face has a soft, circular shape where the length and width of your face are almost equal, add contrast with angled frames. Glasses that are wider than they are tall can make your face seem slimmer, and strong detailing at the top of the frame can add definition to your brows.

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Characterized by a strong jawline and cheekbones, the lines from your forehead to your chin are just about straight up-and-down. The goal of frames is to offset those angles with curves. Rounded frames and ones that are wider than they are tall will make your face seem narrower and curvier.

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If your forehead is wider than your jaw, avoid frames that add a lot of weight or width on top. Lighter colored and thinner frames that extend just to your temples won’t look too heavy, and oval shapes will downplay the point of your chin.

Frames to Fit Your Face

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