How To Rock a Berry Lip, This Season's Must-Do Beauty Look

For a certain generation of women, lipstick was the answer to any outfit—slap it on and she’s done! But for some women, just saying the word lipstick feels fussy. Well break up with that notion and embrace color! “Lipstick brightens your face and instantly changes your look—think of it as a fun accessory,” says NYC-based makeup artist Emily Amick, who transformed the ladies for our The Clinton Kelly Treatment video series. Here are her expert tips for rocking lipstick like a modern lady.

Clinton Kelly Berry Lip

Prep the Area

Do not, I repeat, do not apply color to flakey lips—that dead skin just grabs onto color and magnifies the problem. Moisturize your lips from the inside by drinking lots of water (extra in the winter!) and exfoliate them every couple days with a fine scrub, like Lush’s Mint Juleps Lip Scrub or our DIY version. Use a balm frequently and swipe it on before applying color, too.

Try a New Tone

Amick’s loving deep pinks and berries for spring. “A berry lip goes with everything,” she says. It can add polish to a dressy outfit or punch up something more casual, and it’s less expected than red (although a classic red will “be here with the cockroaches after the apocalypse,” says Amick). There are two key points to get it right for now: Match it your skin tone and look for a satin finish. “Rich colors look great on darker skin tones, but if you’re pale, go with a more pink version or a sheer tone so you don’t overwhelm your face,” says Amick. And stay away from anything with too much shimmer or gloss. “You don’t want to look sticky!” says Amick. A few of her picks: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipcolor in Plum Velour for darker skin tones, Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge in Pomegranate Pink for olive complexions and Tarte Lipsurgence Matte Lip Tint in Lively for pale ladies.

Aim for Imperfection

“This look is all about carefree, easy beauty. So the freshest face is basically bare—think, moisturizer only—with a stained lip,” says Amick. If you don’t have naturally perfect skin, that means a light application of concealer and minimal color on your eyes or cheeks. Then skip the lip liner and dab on the color with your finger, like a lip balm. “Perfection is not the point—you should be able to put it on without using a mirror,” says Amick. Or try a lip stain, like Benetint by Benefit or Covergirl Outlast, for an even lower-maintenance look. And don’t worry about constantly reapplying it, since a little bit of fading is part of the look.

Photo: Andre Paul Photography; Makeup by Emily Amick.


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