How to Tie a Scarf: The Only 3 Ways You Need to Know

In the more than a decade I’ve been dressing women, one of the most frequently asked questions is, “How do I wear a scarf?” There’s a video out there that’ll give you 25 ways to tie one of these babies, but since no one has space in their head for 25 of anything, least of all anything scarf-related, here are your three best bets—that’s all you need to rock a scarf all year long.

Clinton Kelly Slipknot Scarf


This is great for underneath a coat—tighten it and you can button all the way up without letting any air sneak under your collar. I also like it when you’re wearing a shift dress or a long shirt—the narrow V mimics those lines for an elongating look.

TO DO: Open your scarf and fold it into a long triangle with two pointy ends, then loosely roll it into a fluffy, skinny line. Double it up lengthwise to create a loop and a loose end. Hold the loop in one hand and the loose ends in the other. Lay the scarf across the back of your neck, with the loop and the loose end held in front on your chest and pull the loose ends through the loop.

Clinton Kelly Infinity Scarf

Faux Infinity

Circle scarves are all the rage, and for good reason: More volume up top makes you look smaller down below. It also looks nice layered on top of a wool coat for a little bit of color and softness near your face.

TO DO: Open up your scarf and knot two opposite corners together. Loosely roll the rest of the scarf into a big O. Place the knot over and behind your head, then twist the two scarf sides in front of you once to make a figure eight. Put the bottom loop of the figure eight over your head and fluff it all out. Easy!

Clinton Kelly Loose Ends Scarf

Loose Ends

Otherwise known as the “I spilled coffee on my shirt” style. This gives your scarf the most visual play, so use it when the scarf is really meant to be part of your outfit. Plus, those two loose ends keep the eye moving up and down—how slimming!

TO DO: Open your scarf and fold it into a long triangle, then loosely roll it into a fluffy, skinny line. Hold one end in each hand, and loop it once around your neck, then tuck the loose ends under the loop you created and adjust to equal lengths.


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