How to Wear Fringe Without Looking Like Cowgirl Barbie

Fringe! Fun! This young-at-heart trend has the flounce of a ruffle with a 70s spirit. But fringe can be tricky to pull off without looking like you’re playing dress-up or got lost on your way to a music festival. Here’s how to, er, rock it.

Fringed Accessories

Try it in an accessory

Accessories are the gateway for trends. Find them cheap, pair them with your classics, feel instantly cool. Shoes, a bag or a necklace are all good bets. If you absolutely love it and need more fringe in your life, move on to a shirt or a dress. Fringe Slingback Sandals, $118; Stremi Bag, $40;

Fringed Dress and Shirt

Seek out subtlety

When fringe is the same color as the garment it’s attached to, you get movement without screaming TREND. Try it along a hem of a dress, collar of a blouse or over a shoe’s upper. Also: A short fringe is more wearable than a long one. Fringed Dress, $140; T-Shirt with Fringe in Mustard, $26;

Fringed Jacket and Bag

Opt for subdued colors

Fringe looks lovely in natural leather, black and neutrals. You could even get away with a muted metallic. But in a bright color? Looks like Cowgirl Barbie. If that’s your style, fantastic. If not, save it for Halloween. River Island 70s Fringed Suede Jacket, $272; Fringed Suede Bucket Bag, $99;


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