Instant Jacket Makeover for Every Body

When I design my Kelly by Clinton Kelly line, I do it for real women—not models—who want to look their best, whether they're a size 2 or 24. I always include a jacket - this one combines lace and gingham for a knockout effect - because a great jacket is one of the most powerful pieces of clothing any woman can own. Jackets hide lumps and bumps, balance proportions and trick people into thinking your body is flawless, even if it's not. Read on to find out why a jacket can work wonders on virtually any body type. Kelly by Clinton Kelly Lace Jacket with Gingham Lining, $68.50; QVC.

Makeover Style Magic

You’re wearing a t-shirt and jeans and you throw on a jacket that fits you perfectly - and Pow! - you’re wearing an outfit. Bonus points if you choose something with a little personality – color, pattern or embellishment details like special buttons or decorations. And when it comes to pattern, it’s all about scale. If you’re petite, a jacket with a small pattern will flatter you. If you’re tall, you’ll want a jacket with a large-scale pattern. Since this jacket has both gingham and larger-scale lace, it looks great on both body types.

Find Your Balance

If you’re carrying a little extra weight in your lower half, jackets can be your best friend. The ideal jacket gives your upper half extra attention- through cut, color, pattern or embellishment- which will draw they eye up and balance out your hips, thighs and tush.

Create The Hourglass

Most women want that hourglass shape but need a little help creating it (especially if you’ve got a tummy or a straight figure without curves). Jackets are one of the easiest and most effective ways to fake it. They strengthen your shoulders, which deemphasizes your waist. Choose a blazer that nips in at the waist and flares out slightly at the hip for even more waist definition. Remember, a jacket must close comfortably, so you may have to go up in size if you’re busty or carrying a little weight in the middle. And don’t worry about the number on the tag - no one will see it - but they will notice if your clothes are too tight.

Stand Tall

One of the best ways to look slimmer is to appear taller, and jackets can help you do just that. Vertical seaming on a jacket keeps the eye moving up and down and jackets, at the right length, create the illusion of a longer torso. The v-neckline of this jacket creates the illusion of a longer neck which also makes you look taller. Pair a jacket with pants that elongate the leg line, like dark wash jeans or my Kelly by Clinton Kelly Pull-On Knit Pants, a heel and you’re head and shoulders above the rest.


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