Make Over Your Boobs: 4 Big Bra Mistakes—And How to Fix Them

Every woman on What Not To Wear received a professional bra fitting before we took her on a shopping spree. Why? Because clothes won’t look fabulous unless they’re worn over a proper foundation. Almost all of the women were wearing a bra that was too big in the band (saggy!) and too small in the cup (bumpy!). Trust me, I’ve seen it all.

A well-fitted bra is one where the band, not the straps, does the heavy lifting to keep your girls in “the zone” (about halfway between the shoulder and elbow). Even if you think you know your size, I highly recommend you find a professional bra fitter in your area. This doesn’t mean a teenager at the mall who hands you lacy bits in between texting her BFF. You need someone who has been fitting bras since they were called brassieres and can guess your cup size on sight. But in the meantime, these are the top four bra offenses and how to fix them to get your boobs looking their best.

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Double Bubble

Women have two breasts, not four. So if your bra digs into your bust (ouch) and causes your breast tissue to runneth over, chances are you need to go up a cup size or two. Just like apparel, each brand will fit a little differently—you might be a D cup in one bra and an E in another—so don’t be tied to one size. When you shop, try on a bunch of bras in a range of sizes to find the best fit.

The Great Divide

Your bosom needs to fill the bra cup without saving room for your hopes and dreams. If you do that, clothes will drape into the space and look wrinkled (and let’s not even the mention the crumbs that’ll gather in those ravines). Don’t fancy yourself a C if you’re barely a B, and remember: It’s not the size of your bust that matters but how you dress your fabulous self. Go down a cup size or two.

Droopy Loopy

It’s true that age, pregnancy and gravity will pull your breasts ever closer to your torso—fight the decline with a snug band and straps that hoist your girls back into the zone. And when a good bra has served its purpose, retire it. I know of a nice community in Southern Florida where brassieres can relax in the sun and play mah jongg.

Back Fat

Women hate talking about this, but it happens: Sometimes skin oozes out around the bra band. Don’t be ashamed—be glad you don’t live inside a three-way mirror. If the issue persists even after a professional bra fitting (your band size may be too small), then wear a shaper tank over your bra to smooth out those ripples.

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Big Bra Mistakes

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