Make Over Your Butt: 4 Ways to Get Your Fanny Looking Its Best

I spend a lot of time talking to women about their butts - butts and boobs, butts and boobs, “How do I make my butt and boobs look bomb?” I’ve already given you my top tips on how to tame the ta-tas, now I’m sharing my secrets for taming the tush. And ladies, remember: I think you’re beautiful no matter the size of your butt or boobs.

Clinton Kelly Make Over Your Butt

Problem #1: “My butt’s too big!”

Look, not everyone’s going to have tight little buns, no matter how many Pilates classes they take. If your booty is bountiful, the solution is to draw attention to your top half to create a more balanced silhouette. How? Wear scoop-neck shirts, blouses with neckline embellishments, horizontal stripes and lighter-colored tops with darker bottoms. Another rule: Divide and Conquer. Don’t just cover your butt in a big tunic top (you’ll leave people wondering what you’re hiding under there); instead, wear a top that hits midway down your bottom so only half of it shows. This neat trick will visually cut it in half!

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Problem #2: Flat Ass

The opposite problem of #1, if you’re lacking in the buns department, the result is often a saggy-looking behind. The main culprit? Too-big pants. If there’s extra fabric pooling under your buns, it’ll just add unflattering volume (reason enough to ditch those “fat pants” right now!). Do yourself a favor and invest in a pair that hugs your buns without being too tight or have yours tailored to fit you better. And when in doubt, put on some heels: Even a one-or two-inch heel is enough to give your glutes an instant lift.

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Problem #3: VPL aka Visible Panty Line

The dreaded VPL: it’s either too much underpant or too little pant. If you’re wearing granny panties with thick bunchy elastic, it’s gonna show. The solution here? New underpants. There are plenty of seamless options out there that are practically invisible, and there’s always a thong, if you don’t mind it (or commando! But not if you’re planning to be photographed stepping out of a limo). On the second front, here’s the thing: If your pants are too tight, your panties are gonna show no matter what. Go up a size, or skip down to Problem #4 for more options.

Problem #4: Looking Lumpy Bumpy

If you can see curdles, either the fabric covering your bottom is too thin, or you don’t have enough on underneath it. For that first problem, stay away from fabrics that tend to cling, like jersey or silk, and if you do wear them, do it only in outfits where they loosely skim your body (think A-line, and nothing too tight). If you’ve already got the flimsy fabric, try adding a layer underneath: Shapewear, like Spanx, or an old-fashioned half-slip under a skirt will smooth you out.

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Makeover Your Butt

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