Make Over Your Shoulders!

When people ask me how to get a great hourglass figure, I always tell them that you must create symmetry with your top and bottom. More specifically, your bust and shoulders must balance your hips and booty. It’s the yin and the yang of the hourglass. Follow my guide below to get a strong, proportionate shoulder—then watch the heads turn.


If Your Shoulders are Wider Than Your Hips

Women with broad shoulders usually look great in their clothes—garments tend to hang well—but some women complain that having shoulders wider than their hips can make them look masculine. To minimize this, go for tops that create a vertical line, like ones with a deep V, a halter or an up-and-down pattern. Avoid thick, wide-set straps and boatneck tops, which move the eye outward. Wear darker colors and simpler designs on top; paired with a patterned skirt or pant (preferably with a bit of an A-line)so you can minimize and distract at the same time. Club L Plus Plunge Halter Dress, $58;


If Your Shoulders are Narrower Than Your Hips

My biggest tip for narrow shoulders is to ADD STRUCTURE. A well-fitted blazer or moto jacket, an oxford shirt, or other top or dress with a crisp, angular shoulder is going to give you more to work with. If your shoulders are truly small, consider adding a very thin shoulder pad (no Dynasty, please!) for some volume. In general: Look for necklines that create a horizontal line, like a boat neck with a cap sleeve, a crew neck with a short straight sleeve, or a sweetheart with a bit of a ruched sleeve. Sleeves are your friends, but if you want to go sleeveless, look for wider-set straps with a more open neckline. Suede Biker Jacket, $230;


If Your Shoulders are the Same Width as Your Hips

Hooray for you! You can wear just about any neckline, so what you want to focus on is fit and balance. When it comes to fit, make sure the shoulder seams hit right at the end of your anatomical shoulder—any further and the top won’t hang right and you’ll look like a kid wearing her mom’s clothes, any closer and you probably can’t get into the thing. As for balance, don’t add too much volume above OR below, at the risk of looking disproportionate. Pleated Cap Sleeve Top, $69.50;

Make Over Your Shoulders

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