Master the Layered Look

Summertime’s when your inner teenage bohemian comes out to play—and this season, accessories inspired by that craft-corner staple, friendship bracelets, are in vogue. But here’s the deal: You’re not 13, your BFF 4EVA Christy slept with you boyfriend Chip, and you don’t really want your boss to know what went down at that music festival over the weekend. So here are a few rules to keep you in check:

  • Pop in different materials. Try a metal chain—that glint of gold or silver says ‘I can afford to look this casual’—or a little leather. It’s just more sophisticated.
  • Keep it cuff-sized. Max two-three inches of wrist action or you won’t be able to lift your arm to hail a cab.
  • Skip the plastic. Yes, the kids are wearing those things that look like they’re made out of the colored bands you wore around your braces (don’t deny it!). Wear yours only when the niece who gave it to you is around.

And finally? Take the whole ensemble off at night. Just do it. These things get filthy.


Coyote urine. It’s the reason my hydrangeas actually bloomed this year. (Deer repellent.) And after her thorough sweep of the gardens for chipmunks, it’s what Mary smells like right now. #bathtime Happy Saturday!

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