The Best Shorts for Every Body

We’ve all had our bad experiences with cringe-inducing shorts at some point in our lives (see: the 80s), but that’s no reason to ban them for your wardrobe. I’m here to tell you that there are flattering shorts for you, as long as you know what to look for. So let me tell you:

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If you are… Bigger on the bottom

Minimize your hips and bum with darker colors and a streamlined shape. I like a straight walking short that ends a few inches above the knee—a narrower part of the leg—for a slimming effect. Look for shorts that are cut wider and have some stretch to them. Easy Linen Flat-Front Walking Shorts, $55; Curvy Cotton Walking Shorts, $49;

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If you… Have a tummy

Cut yourself some slack with shorts that float away from your body and stylishly incorporate an elastic waistband. Printed Soft Short, $45; Rust Drapey Short, $50;

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If you have… No curves

Try a high-waisted, belted short with pleats or a draped fit to define your waist and give your hips some oomph. Sailor Shorts, $50; H&M+Lyocell Denim Shorts, $35;

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If you have… An hourglass shape

Steer clear of anything too tight (it’ll overemphasize your curves and risk looking too sexy) and instead maintain your proportions with streamlined shorts that just float away from your body. Women’s Fit 1 5” Chino Shorts, $39; Tie-Front Shorts, $39;

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If you have… Short legs

Bring up that hem! A short in a solid or pattern that’s near your skin tone—not beige, but warm, earthy colors like coral, cocoa, rust or mustard—will keep the eye moving better than one in black or navy. You could also try a vertical stripe or a higher waist for a lengthening effect. Striped Abstract Diamond Side Zip Shorts, $59; Cotton Bermuda, $70;


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If you are… Busty

Wrench those eyeballs away from your cleavage by adding interest down below. Choose shorts in lighter colors with fun patterns or details. A looser short with a bit of an A-line will even out your silhouette and achieve the hourglass. Striped Sailor Riviera Shorts with 4” inseam, $60; Women’s Plus Printed 5” Shorts, $33;

best shorts for every body

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