Top 5 Tips to Make Over Your Tummy—No Exercise Required!

I’ve made over a lot of women and the one thing they consistently ask me for is tips on how to camouflage their tummy—whether she's a size 24 or a size 4 mom of two. It’s just a fact; a lot of women are self-conscious about their stomachs. So as long as you remember that I think you’re beautiful no matter your size, I’ll share my top 5 style tricks to tame your tummy.

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1. Fake the Hourglass

A strong shoulder and a flare at the hip will make your waist look smaller. My favorite way to do this is with a well-tailored blazer, which will strengthen your shoulder and create a strong vertical line up the front of your body (See #3). Many are also designed to narrow at the lower rib cage and flare away at the hip, creating that hourglass silhouette even if you don’t have one. Kelly by Clinton Kelly ¾ Sleeve Jacquard Blazer in Raspberry, $68.50;


2. Accentuate your Narrowest Part

On most women, the narrowest part of the body is not the waist, but the area around the ribcage, right under the bust. If your waist is thicker, don’t wear a belt! It will just draw attention to the area. Instead, wear a top with an empire waist or detailing under the bust, like a knot or criss-cross, will draw attention to this narrow part (and away from the waist). If you’re afraid an empire waist will make you look pregnant, try a dress with a wider band (1” or more) at the ribcage and a simple A-line below. Kelly by Clinton Kelly Sleeveless Dress with Ruffle Detail in Black, $60;


3. Keep the Eye Moving

When you look taller, you look proportionally less wide, too. So do everything you can to lengthen your body, like wearing a dress with a vertical pattern or monochromatic separates, like solid navy pants and a navy printed blouse. A v-neck top or button-front shirt with a few buttons undone also will create those vertical lines. Wear a heel to give you a few more inches. Kelly by Clinton Kelly Faux Wrap Dress with Self Belt, $68.50;

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4. Float, Don’t Cling

Anything too tight on your tummy is going to make you look like a stuffed sausage. Instead, choose a top that just skims your body with strategic seaming around your bust and waist or a flowy one that fits loosely through your midsection. If you wear something in a thinner material, consider wearing a shaper underneath to smooth any bulges. Kelly by Clinton Kelly Rolled Tab Long Sleeve Blouse, $59.50;


5. Beware the Tuck

Anytime you tuck your shirt into your pants or skirt, you create a focal point. If your waist is small, that’s great, but if not, you’re just drawing attention to it. Yikes! Instead, sport an untucked shirt that floats away from your belly, and create a focal point elsewhere on your outfit, like with a pendant necklace or a bold statement neckline. If your shirt needs to be tucked in, top it with a jacket or v-neck cardigan to keep the eye moving past the waistband. Mixed Stitch Open Cardigan, $99.95;

Tame  Your Tummy

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