We're Mad About Plaid! 4 New Ways to Wear It

Plaid is back, people. Formerly the domain of Catholic schoolgirls, lumberjacks, grunge band members and hipsters everywhere, plaid is today’s fashion darling. If the last time you wore it was 1994—or you just fear pattern—here’s how to not screw it up today.

  • Madewell plaid dress
  • Loft plaid pants

Play With Shapes

A kilt is expected. Instead, look for structured pieces, like a tunic or cropped pant, to play up the geometry of the pattern, or softer ones, like a dress or a blouse, give it a romantic twist.

  • H&M Plaid shirt
  • Zara plaid shirt

Skip Traditional Prints

An over-scale design or buffalo check feels fresh without going so wild that you start to look Clueless.

  • Vince Camuto sheer shirt
  • Pendleton plaid shirt

Try a different material

I'm not gonna knock a wool or flannel when it's cold outside, but look for the pattern in silk, denim or a poly blend if you want to dress it up for work or a night out.

  • ModCloth Bangles
  • Free People plaid hat

Think Beyond the Scarf

Yup, that's the easy one, but this pattern is popping up on shoes, handbags, bangles and more. One surprising accessory is all you really need to get your plaid on.

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