You're Moisturizing Wrong: The Secret To Smooth Winter Skin

"You're moisturizing all wrong!" dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe told me. When the weather gets cold you need to change your skincare routine just like you change your wardrobe. Say what? The dry winter air combined with the hot, dry heat pumped into our homes and offices causes the moisture in our skin to quickly evaporate leaving our bodies dry, itchy, dull and wrinkled. Here are her quick tips for cold-weather skincare that will keep you smooth until springtime:

Get Smooth Winter Skin Clinton Kelly

Wash, But Quickly!

Lingering in a too-hot shower can strip your skin of oils that keep in moisture. Keep water warm, not hot, and showers brief.

Lose The Towel

Forget about toweling off: Instead, apply body cream within five minutes after you shower when your skin is damp (more moisture to trap!) not dry.

Grease Up!

Replenish moisture by using products that contain either emollients (they help trap or retain moisture into your skin) or humectants (they draw moisture from your body and into skin). Emollients to look for include shea butter, argan oil, Moroccan oil and macadamia nut oil. Humectants to look for include glycerin and collagen.

Clean Your Cheeks

People with oily skin should continue using their favorite face cleansing products (their skin tends to stay moist in the cold). But those with normal to dry skin risk getting even drier in the winter. Opt for a creamy wash and consider one with a gentle exfoliator to slough off dull, rough patches.

Baby Your Face

Your face needs to be moisturized in cold months, but you don’t want to break out. Skip heavy creams and look for products labeled “non-comedogenic.” It’s a fancy way of saying it won’t clog your pores. Use it on your face, neck and chest. Choose products that have dimethicone (an emollient) or glycerin (a humectant) in the ingredients.

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