5 Easy Iced Tea Hacks for an Amazing Cocktail

Iced tea is the quintessential summer drink. But by now I have a little iced tea fatigue. I’m tired of firing up the stove to boil the water, drinking tea that's weak and diluted or tea that’s too strong and bitter or just plain boring. Follow all five steps to make the perfect iced tea cocktail or pick one or two to make your next non-alcoholic pitcher fabulous.


1. Cold-Brew Your Tea

You may be boiling and cooling your tea, or making sun tea (which these days is definitely going to kill you—oh the good old days!), but the secret to a smoother flavor and less caffeine is to brew your tea in cold water in the fridge, overnight. To do: Fill a pitcher with water, add one teabag (or one tsp loose tea) per cup of water, and place in the fridge overnight. Remove the teabags in the morning and you’re done!

2. Enhance Your Ice

Yes, you want your drink cold, but no, you don’t want it watered down! Instead of plopping in cubes of ice made with water, try cubes of frozen iced tea. Or get those cubes working in your flavor favor by freezing pureed berries or crushed herbs in lemon juice. Yum!

3. Skip the Sugar

Oh honey don’t worry, I want my tea sweetened! But granulated sugar doesn’t dilute easily in cold beverages. Instead, use simple syrup (one part sugar, one part water, boiled then cooled) or agave syrup to add sweetness.

4. Liquor it Up!

I said this was about cocktails, right? Vodka is the go-to for spiking an iced tea, but it doesn’t do much for flavor. Instead, try mixing in bourbon for a smoky cast, lemon vodka for a hint of John Daly flavor, or berry-flavored rum for a fruity twist.

5. Add Some Herb

Abundant in almost every summer garden, herbs make iced tea extra-fabulous. A few you might try: Mint, rosemary, lavender or sage. Muddle them in the bottom of the glass before you pour.

Iced Tea Hacks

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