Over Vodka & Soda? Seven 3-Ingredient Cocktails to Try

It’s fun to play bartender for your friends, but it can be a pain in the butt to mix individual drinks for everyone—especially when they want boring stuff like a (yawn) vodka soda! Here are seven much more exciting drink options (each with only three ingredients!) that will make YOU look like a genius—and will keep your friends nice and tipsy.

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  • 1. Vanilla Vodka + Diet coke + Maraschino Cherry
  • Just like your childhood favorite, Cherry Coke, with a sweet hint of vanilla.
  • 2. Tequila + Ginger Ale + Lime
  • A spin on the Moscow Mule mix, without the fancy ingredients.
  • 3. Whiskey + Club Soda + Grenadine
  • Consider it a fruitier Old Fashioned.
  • 4. Orange Vodka + Sprite + Orange Wedge
  • Similar to a vodka soda, but with a refreshing citrus twist.
  • 5. Rum + Coke + Orange Slice
  • A fruity twist on a Cuba Libre.
  • 6. Whiskey + Iced Tea + Lemon
  • A smokier twist on an Arnold Palmer.
  • 7. Gin + Ginger Ale + Lemon
  • A sweeter alternative to your G+T.

3-Ingredient Cocktails

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